End of the Year Knitting Meme

Friday, January 6th, 2006
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From Knit Once, Purl Forever.

  1. List your finished objects, or just list your favorite FO. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish many things. I am attempting to motivate myself to finish them all within a few weeks, but unfortunately by the summer I just don’t knit as much. I DID finish a tea cozy (for my tea pot) and a hat. I’m sure there were a few scarves and things. I also knit a cozy for Tavis’ DS, but he never found a button for me to sew on, so I never completely finished it. I suppose I should probably finish it.
  2. List your works in progress. Well, let’s see… there’s the mittens and toque for me, mittens for Dan, hat for Les, scarf for Mom, and nanotube for Liz.
  3. What skeletons are in your knitting basket? I was knitting a pair of mittens in fair isle, but they ended up being really big so I put them on hold until I could redo them with smaller needles and such.
  4. What’s your favorite project? I really loved knitting the mittens that I eventually had to put off. I’ll get back to them soon, hopefully.
  5. What project(s) will you never knit again? I can’t think of any that were particularly horrible, fortunately.
  6. What was your major knitting accomplishment for the last year? I learned how to knit fair isle. Twice.
  7. What’s your favorite yarn from the last year? Most of the knitting I did was with a bunch of pretty green yarn I bought at the beginning of the year and still haven’t gone through entirely. Quantity over Quality, it was like $5.
  8. What’s your favorite yarn overall? I really like the merino I’m using. It’s nice and hoity-toity.
  9. What new knitting techniques have you learned? I learned how to knit mittens, and of course the aforementioned fair isle.
  10. What are your knitting goals for 2006? I want to try cables, and start crochet. Make a few flowers, finish a mitten/scarf/hat set and try my hand at knitting larger projects like a cardigan. I’m also going to force myself not to buy any yarn for 6 months, so I’m forced to use up the yarn I already have.

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