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Sunday, April 16th, 2006
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So here’s the thing. This season’s Knitty? Flop :(

I don’t really like any of the designs. They all feel like they were designed for old people or by old people (FOPBOP). I do, however, really like some of the featured articles, namely:

  • Knit Like a Man by David Demchuk. I’d heard of the boyfriend sweater curse before, and it sure was a useful thing to know. I will keep all these suggestions in mind. I knitted something for Les (see here) a little while ago and I made sure to get his exact style and colour preferences and made him choose the fair isle pattern. If I hadn’t, I’m sure disaster would have struck. Amusingly, yes, it was a chullo. Men are too predictable.
  • Some cool business about dishwasher dyeing that’s shaking up the blogosphere. I’m horribly terrified that it would destroy my pots if I tried it. Then again, I am a student and my housemates scraped all the teflon from the pots years ago, so why would I care? Also, I don’t own a dishwasher.
  • I’m excited to try the magic cast-on for toe-up socks as soon as I actually buy some sock yarn to do so. Knitty is also graciously providing us all with some useful care instructions for our hand knits. I’m terrified of washing anything I’ve knit, even the acrylic things, so this is douple plus good. There’s also a cool thing about length alterations.

Okay, so some of the patterns aren’t bad. Mesilla is really nice, and Anatolia and Hedera. But I’m a pattern hoarder and will probably not do any of them.

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