AUGH! My needles!

Thursday, May 11th, 2006
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I bought a set of 3.75mm needles less than a week ago to knit my Spectator Grand hat for The Amazing Lace, and I’ve already lost them! Eek! I blame congress, rising gas prices and to a lesser degree the messiness of my room.

I managed to pull out my 5mm needles (the next-smallest size I have, as my 4.25mms are occupied with a secret project) and practice a few stitches. No time to upload a photo, as I desperately need to get some work done this evening.

… Right after dinner.

EDIT, 10:27PM: Oh dear. I saw this image of Orangina and it just looks so glamorous that now I want to knit it. It’s all, “please, no paparazzi, I am too busy with my car remote to put on an undershirt.” I didn’t really like it before because I don’t do well with boat necks, but maybe I can adjust it according to my preferences.

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