Needle Freaks

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

I can’t resist blogging about a new Google Tool without discovering its applications to knitting. I did a Google Trends comparison between knitting and crochet and came across some really interesting things.

Knitting vs. Crochet

First of all, check out the sinusoidal activity. (That means “waves,” for lay-knitters.) There’s a much higher search volume in the winter than the summer, and it’s a lot more pronounced for knitting than it is for crochet. That’s probably because crochet has more year-round applications, whereas knitting tends to see a decrease in the summer months. More people need to knit with cotton! And maybe a little nylon to make it stretch. (This means you, Bernat!) There might also be an increase in interest for knitting because everyone’s cooped up inside for the winter and you can only watch The Notebook so many times.

The biggest news boom looks like it was in the beginning of 2005, when the papers suddenly discovered that ovaries aren’t required for the needle arts. The most interested regions are commonwealth countries (aside from the United States, Germany and Ireland, which left in 1949). The country most interested in crochet (aside from the US) is France. The UK has little interest in crochet because, of course, they don’t like the French.

Conclusions: the best time for blogging is during the Winter, in English, about knitting. Logically, the best time to post knitting or crochet patterns is during the last half of the year, when people are planning their upcoming winter projects.

I wish we could see more into the past and check out the rise in knitting/crochet popularity over the past few years.

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