Amazing Faceplant

Monday, June 5th, 2006
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I just went to the Amazing Lace home base, and apparently comments are closed because the entries were due on the 4th of June, not the 5th of June as I thought. I feel like a big hunk of baloney, without the benefit of being America’s favourite meat.

I certainly didn’t mean that the way you’re thinking.

I still want to post an introduction, so hopefully at least some people will get to know me. I will come up with a name for my team and a witty team bio tomorrow during lunch, because right now I’m BEAT and lunch will provide me the energy I need to romance the blogosphere. I have a feeling lunch is going to be delicious, as I have prepared a salad composed of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and havarti. There is also a pear and an orange and some carrots. The jury is out on which dressing I will bring, but there are rumours it will be balsamic.

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