Oh my goodness, this is so embarrassing

Friday, June 16th, 2006
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I’ve tried so hard every day to start this Spectator Grand, but there’s always been something to get in my way, I’ve lost needles, found them again, gotten vastly improper gauges, lost stitch markers, switched yarns, changed needles again, forgotten waste yarn for a provisional cast on at home, lost needles again, etc etc etc. And now I’ve attempted it finally with 3mm needles (but without stitch markers). And now I’m only on my third row and already I’ve dropped a stitch. I don’t know where!

It’s times like this when I turn to the knit blogger community for comfort. Fortunately, there’s always someone out there who’s having a vaguely similar experience. I will not let this lace break me. I know where the problem is, I just have to walk through and correct it. I REFUSE TO FROG! Much.

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