Yarnival! Extension

Friday, August 4th, 2006

I’m heading off to London or Montreal for the weekend and won’t be able to do much internetting, so if you want to submit to Yarnival!, you can still do so until the end of Sunday.

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3 Comments to “Yarnival! Extension”

  1. [...] ALERT: The Deadline has been extended until Sunday! [...]

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    Needle Exchange » Yarnival!
    August 4, 2006 @ 2:42 pm
  2. [...] But I gave you guys one, so it’s okay, right? * quivering lip, followed by puppy dog eyes * [...]

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    August 10, 2006 @ 9:05 pm
  3. Please include me, too!

    Comment by Terri Lynn
    June 28, 2007 @ 3:44 pm

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