Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Theresa has given me an incentive to improve my scheduling abilities by posting her chore schedule, based on a traditional saying:

Wash on Monday / Iron on Tuesday / Mend on Wednesday / Churn on Thursday / Clean on Friday / Bake on Saturday / Rest on Sunday

Here’s how I’ve previously interpreted this saying:

Wash on Monday – Blog on Monday
Iron on Tuesday – Blog on Tuesday
Mend on Wednesday – Blog on Wednesday
Churn on Thursday – Blog on Thursday
Clean on Friday – Blog on Friday
Bake on Saturday – Blog on Saturday
Rest on Sunday – Blog on Sunday

I do, however, have a regular schedule that I should be maintaining. I have studying to do, assignments, GRE preparation, Chore Wheel Activities (I love extremely colourful chore wheels with extensive pencil shading), laundry, cleaning, finances, shopping, knitting, etc. So I think I’m going to revamp my schedule a bit to minimize my blogging and maximize my knitting my chores. I have crazy ADHD which prevents me from being able to stick to the same thing for a whole day, so I’ll need to supplement a weekly schedule with a daily one. So here’s my weekly schedule:

Wash on Monday – Laundry every third week
Iron on Tuesday – And by iron, I mean the iron will required for me to stick to my finances. This is where I sum up all the spending I’ve done that week, because I’m trying to keep better track of what ridiculous amounts I’m actually having to pay for things.
Mend on Wednesday – Buying new things or fixing old things. I have a few socks I still have to darn.
Churn on Thursday – The churning refers to my stomach as I consider the sight of my messy bedroom and how I’m having to clean it.
Clean on Friday – Chore Wheel!
Bake on Saturday – 1) Groceries! What, you expect me to bake for myself? 2) Well okay, I’ll make bran muffins for breakfast. 3) GW preparation, brainstorming, outlining
Rest on Sunday – GW

And the daily:
Classes / blogging / chores in the morning, because my brain doesn’t work then and it doesn’t make sense to do homework, I’ve accepted that at this point.
Wash Dishes
Alternate 2 hours homework, 1/2 hour fun things (eliminate fun things during exams and replace with amphetamines)
Play time! (Knitting, etc)

To make sure there’s some knitting content, here’s a cute little video about a stuffed cat making a movie about other stuffed cats (it’s very meta).

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="350" width="425" /]

Here are the others.

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2 Comments to “Routine”

  1. laundry every third week? you must have a lot of underwear!

    Comment by
    Mama Urchin
    September 20, 2006 @ 12:21 pm
  2. Hee, you remind me of myself. Well, okay, a little more organized, but we have the ADHD and the knitting in common. ;-) Not to mention, I noticed that I can’t do homework type things in the mornings, either. Brainless things like chores work very nicely, then, though. If only I could get myself to do the chores at all.

    I’ve had a slight amount of success with FlyLady ( in case you haven’t heard of her and might be interested. The idea is to minimize the amount of actual cleaning you have to do by keeping up with it, but she has lots of funny phrases for things that make it a little more enjoyable. (Your desk is not messy… it is a hot spot, and you’d better PUT IT OUT before it catches on FIRE! ;-) )

    Anyway, good luck with the organization, however you go about it! I especially like the reinterpretation of that saying!

    Comment by Molly
    September 20, 2006 @ 12:45 pm

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