Tales from the Knit: Bolero of Blood

Friday, September 22nd, 2006
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So I was walking along, minding my own business today when I ran into a housemate of a friend of mine and inadvertently convinced her to give me a pink cotton/angora sweater for me to tear apart for yarn. She was headed off to the Value Village later this afternoon and I asked her if she had any sweaters, and voilà! Jackpot!

You see, the neural network inside my brain can essentially be boiled down to the following single processor:

pink + cotton + luxurious fibre blend = orgasm

There’s probably something in there about regulating internal body temperature, but that’s not really important. So yes indeed, I am very excited about the prospect of this sweater. I know that it’s angora, but it’s also a blend, so I’m hoping that the cotton will give it enough resilience to frog successfully, and the angora will give it the softness and warmth and luxuriousness. I’m heading over to her place tonight to take a look at the sweater, which will also work in my favour because they have a DDR mat over there and I love DDR. (If my teenaged self had ever suspected I’d be knitting, loving pink and playing DDR all in the same day, she would have plotzed.)

I don’t know what it is about the sudden explosion in unwanted angora sweaters. I will assume it’s because of climate change. Al Gore was right!

Oh my goodness… Al Gore… Angora… Is it a coincidence that they sound similar? I think not.

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