Can’t find what you want on eBay?

Saturday, October 21st, 2006
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DDR to the max!

I’ve been using eBay for a few years now, and it’s really great for finding things like yarn, antiques, patterns, etc. Lately I’ve been looking for a Playstation 2 (I’m addicted to [[Dance Dance Revolution]] and I can’t just go over to my friend’s house every day and steal her TV for an hour), and sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s worth it to watch all these auctions because they all top out at $110, and at that price I might as well buy it new. But I’ve found a trick, and I want to share it.

Misspelled Auctions and Fat Fingers are both websites that search for common misspellings of words on eBay. For example, using these sites I’ve discovered that lots of people apparently think it’s spelled “Playstaion.” Because less people are going to find those auctions (because unlike Google, eBay only finds the exact word you’re searching for) those auctions are less popular and tend to go for a lower price. And I get a “Playstaion 2″ for $80! Now, whenever I want to buy something I search on eBay and then back that up with a misspelling search. I’ve also got misspellings for “Herc’s Adventures” running as a favourite search, so whenever a correct or misspelling is posted, I’m notified immediately via email.

Here’s another tip I found while searching for eBay hacks: Lastminute Auction is a search engine for cheap, last minute deals. It confines your search to auctions ending within the hour, and under a buck. I’ve seen some really neat knitting patterns show up on this site.

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3 Comments to “Can’t find what you want on eBay?”

  1. Cool! Thanks.

    Comment by
    October 22, 2006 @ 2:37 pm
  2. I picked up my PS2 from Gamestop for about $80, too!! If you like Herc’s Adventures, try Valkyrie Profile (PS1). They are different styles of play, but they are both great. There is also a *NEW* VP for the PS2, might as well pick that up too!! Beware! They will cut into your knitting time!

    Comment by Heather
    October 23, 2006 @ 12:33 pm
  3. Oh man! The Herc’s Adventures is actually for my brother for Christmas, he absolutely loves that game. But thanks for the suggestions! I will definitely check them out, because Herc’s Adventures is apparently really rare and expensive! Me, I’m mostly into wacky Japanese games like Katamari Damacii and PaRappa the Rapper. Don’t worry, the only thing that will cut into my knitting time is DDR. And if I learn how to knit while jumping, I can do both at the same time!

    Comment by Eve
    October 24, 2006 @ 8:05 am

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