Make yourselves cozy, dearies, I have a story to tell!

Thursday, October 26th, 2006

Hilarious crying anime girlI am having the worst day.

It is hard for me to type because my arms are so weak. I stopped off at the grocers this morning and I decided to get a nice big box so I could later turn it into a light box with lots of room. But was that a good idea? It sure wasn’t. By the time I was halfway home it had crumbled into an unwieldy mess and there I was, in front of a construction site, scrambling and screeching for the box to stay together like I was in the middle of an episode of I Love Lucy.

I kept telling myself, Eve, there is cranberry juice in there, and delicious curry paste, and cream of wheat that you can eat when you get home. And then the box started to lose its bottom and I put it on the ground and just stood there, looking at the box, wondering how on earth I was ever going to make it to my doorstep.

Well, I managed to get home, but by the time I made it there I could barely lift my arms high enough to get the box into my house. It was not a pretty sight. But was that all? Of course not. I put everything away and went to wash my hands, and… nothing came out of the tap. Our water was shut off yesterday because our water heater is leaking, and dontcha know, they still haven’t gotten it fixed. I haven’t showered in two days and it’s starting to get tiring. And smelly. Oh yeah, and I can’t eat anything spicy (that means no curry :( ) for the next week because I have to take these meds that apparently test the limits of your stomach. (Don’t worry, nothing serious, just a little gross.) I am having a bad day.

The good thing about today: I found some broccoli that I steamed yesterday but forgot about, so I got to snack on it for breakfast with my CoW. Mmmmmmmm. Now I’m watching The Price is Right and Bob Barker is cheering me up immensely.

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5 Comments to “Make yourselves cozy, dearies, I have a story to tell!”

  1. Oh, poor Eve! That is truly a terrible day…and it sounds all too familiar. I have that kind of day about once a week, which seems to be standard for life in NYC on a budget below the poverty line. I travel 45 minutes on the train (incl. transfer) to get to a grocery store (Trader Joe’s) that is neither gentrified and insanely overpriced, nor dark, gloomy, scary and full of grey meats and a vast array of anything that is pre-processed, mega-processed, and re-processed all at once (those being our two local options). Then, I carry it all home on my back on the subway, where I fight off weirdos, smelly firtatious men, and loud, rude children. Then the struggle begins to get through several layers of doors and elevators with multiple locks, while carrying all this crap. Every time, my day is just shot – I’m so exhausted I can’t do anything else, and I end up eating half of what I bought to console myself (we don’t have TV, so no price is right). The one saving grace is that Trader Joe’s has that super-cheap wine store attached to it. Last time I went, I decided that since I was going to suffer anyway, I might as well carry one extra bottle of wine home, since I didn’t think anything else short of moving to another city would help. I dragged all that stuff home, including the nice bottle of a sweet Greek wine that I love that only cost $8…and when I was rushing to put it all away before my strength was completely sapped…my arms were so shaky that I dropped the bottle of wine on the hard wooden floor…and watched the dark red wine splatter in every direction. This was actually the recent occasion I mentioned in the last meme on my blog on which I cried. I just sat down and cried, then I cleaned up the wine.

    I love the illustration on your post – that really sums it up! Have some cream of wheat (do you put a square of dark chocolate in your cream of wheat? I do – yummy!), and feel better soon! That light tent sounds like a wonderful thing, and will surely be worth it….

    Comment by
    Kate A.
    October 26, 2006 @ 12:40 pm
  2. It can only get better from here!

    Comment by Carol
    October 27, 2006 @ 12:17 pm
  3. Let’s hope!

    Comment by Eve
    October 27, 2006 @ 2:02 pm
  4. sorry about the crummy day.

    Comment by maryse
    October 28, 2006 @ 9:01 am
  5. I’m sorry to hear you had such a lousy day. I hope that at least your water heater is fixed now…everything seems better with a hot shower, and ten times worse without!

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    Comment by Debby
    October 28, 2006 @ 8:24 pm

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