Pattern Blitzkrieg, Part 2

Saturday, February 24th, 2007
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  1. These mittens are nice and chunky and they have a gusset that begins in the palm, which I much prefer to having a gusset along the side. My hands fold, I’ve had it since birth.
  2. Another nice mitten pattern. From the description, it looks like it’s got a different construction for the thumb than I’ve ever seen. And it looks comfy!
  3. The Supple Rib stitch pattern is quite cute and would make a delightful sock or scarf ribbing.
  4. The Karaoke Cable Scarf is thin and pink.
  5. From Knitting at KNoon: Kathy’s Mittens
  6. From Knitting at KNoon: These Felted Christmas Stockings are hilarious, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, they would also be perfect for a deer that had been hit by a giganto-ray. Giant deer shoes are going to be huge this season.
  7. From Knitting at KNoon: a Sunhat that is to die for. It’s so cute! If I gardened, I would knit this.

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