A shawl panic, a poll, and a legal document

Friday, July 13th, 2007
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Let the record show that Eve is in a panic. She has 1.5 repeats finished on the SWATCH for the Myrtle shawl, and she has to finish the actual shawl itself in two (2) weeks if she wants to wear it to the garden party. This is so not happening. A shawl with lace in every row is never a good idea for a deadline, and she has decided to scrap it in favour of a faster project. To this end, she has prepared a poll and is requesting your opinion as to the best project to knit: Shetland Triangle, Japanese Feather Stole, Lace Dream Stole, a lace parasol based on Victoria, or Orangina. Results will be tabulated at the end of the weekend.

Exhibit A: An incomplete swatch for the Myrtle Shawl:

Myrtle Shawl Swatch

Exhibit B: A quote from Eve’s knitting blog in which she wrote the following:

As a way to ensure “accountability,” I want to post versions of this list every week (usually on Friday or Saturday), with updates as to my progress and lots of pictures. I also have something neat planned for June, which I’ll be announcing on Monday. Take care!

Let the record show that Eve can’t remember what she had planned for June, except that maybe it was a shawl she had decided to design herself but then realized she had no idea what she was doing. Let the record also show that she never posted list updates as she originally promised, thereby causing a breach of contract. In an attempt to reconcile, she has provided the following:

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