Two Weeks?

Monday, July 16th, 2007
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This poll isn’t going the way I wanted. Sigh. I’d like to knit the Shetland Triangle but triangle shawls don’t work when you’re running around and playing croquet and badminton and don’t want to tie it up into horrible bunches. I’d rather a long rectangular shawl, but it seems like you folks disagree with me. It makes sense; the Shetland Triangle is so tempting. In the hopes that beginning-of-the-weekers are of a different mind and to accumulate more than a paltry 14 votes, I’m opening up this vote for another few days. Remember, I have two weeks! I’m not even sure what yarn to use.

If you’ve knit any of these before, leave a comment and let me know how long it took you. Think I can knit it in two weeks?

UPDATE, an hour later…

OH, SCREW IT! I love you guys. I really do. I spend the whole weekend at the cottage working out a pattern for a lace parasol but then I come back and I see the tally and it’s 6 for Shetland Triangle, 1 for parasol. And I try to convince myself that the parasol is a good idea but the Shetland Triangle, oh the Shetland Triangle. So then I’m musing over it and trying to stick with the parasol and then I come across this post again after having bookmarked it because I didn’t have time to read it on Friday and I realize that it was knit for the same reason as mine; that the Shetland Triangle has a wonderful stitch pattern but she doesn’t want a triangular shawl. And she knit it on an insane deadline! It’s serendipity-do, it surely is. I am going to knit a Stashmina. And you guys knew I was going to knit a Stashmina, you just had to let me figure that out myself. You guys are so smart!

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3 Comments to “Two Weeks?”

  1. Totally the right decision. I voted for Shetland Triangle because It’s a great stitch pattern and it looked like it would work up quickly. That’s what’s so wonderful about knitting–if you don’t want a triangle, make a rectangle! It’s going to beautiful, and I’m sure it will fly off your needles!

    Comment by
    July 17, 2007 @ 7:19 am
  2. Oh Mishka, thank you! That’s just the confidence I need.

    Comment by Eve
    July 17, 2007 @ 12:46 pm
  3. Hey, I’m going to want something like that, myself, for a wedding (although I have until next spring, which is good cuz I knit slowly). I’ll be following your progress!

    Comment by AuntieAnn
    July 24, 2007 @ 12:17 pm

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