If I had a sweater, I’d sweater in the morning

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
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Phildar Navy SweaterNow that my shawl is finished (tune in for an FO post), I’m “designing” a sweater. I’ve got a bunch of alpaca left over from my dad’s Rule 30 scarf, so I’m knitting a sweater with it. It’ll be entirely stockinette, very loose, very casual, and I’ll be knitting it at camp. Because I don’t know anything about sweaters, I’m taking the basic measurements from the Phildar 443 Tendances sweater from the navy section (cleverly titled 9 and 15) and making modifications if necessary. I have three grey shades of alpaca and a red splash for interest. Here’s how I’m figuring out how I’ll break up the stripes:

Charcoal grey: 87.5 g or 37% of the total mass
Dark grey: 87.5 g or 37% of the total mass
Light grey: 37.5 g or 16% of the total mass
Red: 25 g or 11% of the total mass
Total: 237.5 g

While I love integral calculus, I’d rather not have to do it at the moment so I’m removing the waist shaping for my area approximations:

9 stripes for 57 cm; 6 cm per stripe, starting from the bottom. Topmost stripe: 9 cm tall.

Stripe Body Arms 2(Body)+2(Arms)
1 297cm2 75cm2 744cm2
2 198cm2 141cm2 662cm2
3 231cm2 174cm2 810cm2
4 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
5 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
6 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
7 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
8 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
9 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2

Because I can’t go a day without writing a script while I could have been knitting, I wrote a little thing that takes the proportions of colours I have in the stash and my shirt measurements and picks out some possible stripe combinations. I’ve got 8 possibilities here; which do you think I should choose? I’m leaning towards number 8 or number 2, 4, or 7. Or one of the others.


The red stripe goes right above the boob. I’m also considering just putting some red on the cuffs and bottom as accents instead of a boob stripe. What do you think?

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3 Comments to “If I had a sweater, I’d sweater in the morning”

  1. I think I like the top 1/2 of #8 and the bottom 1/2 of #4. In #4 by itself, I just don’t like the darkest grey stripe on both sides of the red one, but I do love the wide, dark grey stripe at the bottom! On #8, I don’t like the widest stripe in the middle grey color, but I love the color balance of stripes at the top. Most of the others feel like they have too much light grey for balance or the wide stripes in awkward places. For some reason, the matchy-matchy stripes on both sides of the red stripe just hit me as odd… But that’s just my 25 cents, so take it or leave it. :-) Also, I can’t visualize the red accents instead of the boob stripe…so no opinion there.

    Comment by Carly
    July 25, 2007 @
    8:24 am
  2. I like #3. I know it wasn’t on your short list, but looking at the way the stripes work, I think it would be the most flattering, with sharp contrasts defining waist and bust. Other than that, I like #4 too, and I think that with more stripes you’d get to change colours more often so it would be more rewarding and less boring to knit.

    Comment by Liz
    July 25, 2007 @ 10:16 am
  3. #5 looks the curviest – but #4 is nice too as the others said, more stripes.

    Comment by April
    July 25, 2007 @ 10:22 am

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