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Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Someone emailed me asking for a list of Yarnival “back issues,” so I threw together this list. I’ve been trying to link to issues whenever they come out, but I’ve been really busy this last year so I didn’t manage to do it sometimes. Hopefully it’ll be a little better from now on. At the very least, I’ll try to keep this list up to date.

Issue 18, February 15th, 2008: Miss T’s Mystery House of Yarn & Horrors

Issue 17, January 15th, 2008: Confessions of a Misplaced Southern Belle

Issue 16, December 15th, 2007: Fleegle’s Blog

Issue 15, November 15th, 2007: Wry Punster

Issue 14, October 15th, 2007: Stitch ‘n Sue

Issue 13, September 15th, 2007: kelp! knits

Issue 12, August 15th, 2007: january one

Issue 11, July 15th, 2007: Knitting Without Needles

Issue 10, June 15th, 2007: Fiber Fool

Issue 9, May 15th, 2007: Fiber Dreams

Issue 8, April 14th, 2007: mega(k)nits

Issue 7, March 15th, 2007: NotScarlett

Issue 6, February 15th, 2007: The Purloined Letter

Issue 5, January 15th, 2007: Carole Knits

Issue 4, December 17th, 2006: Fricknits

Issue 3, November 15th, 2006: january one

Issue 2, October 2nd, 2006: Needle Exchange

Issue 1, September 5th, 2006: Needle Exchange

UPDATE, 1:24 pm: I finished Harry Potter 7! Now I can do all sorts of searches on Harry Potter things, because I no longer have to worry about spoilers! Ooh, also, I’m having some non-people-related, administrative emergencies, so I won’t be able to blog for a few days. Hope you folks understand. When I get back, I have some pictures of a finished sweater front that I have decided not to rip. Hopefully my calculations will fly!

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