I hate cabbies

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
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Warning: this post contains some naughty words.

So I hopped on a bus yesterday for Kingston so I could see The Beau for one last week before school. Not only was I excited about that, but I was also finished with the knitting portion of my sweater, having cast off my last sleeve on the bus. I took a cab to his place, tipped the cabbie, and then picked up my backpack to take it inside. Hm. Why is there a giant pool of brown liquid coming from my backpack? Ah yes, the bottle of dark rum I had bought for his parents in the Virgin Islands and so painstakingly, lovingly brought back with me. It was broken. Even the airline folks managed to get it to Canada in one piece, but a fucking cabbie from Kingston? Oh no, he has to pick up my backpack and throw it on the ground, shattering the bottom and spilling rum and glass on:

a) my beautiful new finished alpaca sweater
b) my computer.

Now, I’m ok with the smell (it’s actually quite delicious), but I’m now afraid to turn on my computer for fear of it shorting out. There’s also the fact that my sweater is COVERED IN GLASS AND RUM. My beautiful sweater that took probably 100 hours to knit is covered in glass and rum. And I fucking hate cabbies and they had better pay for my computer and my sweater to be cleaned or I am going to SHIT A BRICK.

I’m sorry for the swearing, I’m just really stressed right now. I called the taxi company yesterday and they said they’d call me back today because yesterday they had “other things to deal with.” Which essentially means they are trying to blow me off. But, my dear MODERN Taxi Company, never underestimate the will of a knitter that’s just had her new sweater ruined. You fuckers are going to PAY.

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4 Comments to “I hate cabbies”

  1. Oh, my! That sounds like one heck of a trip. I hope you get everything paid for and handled. Isn’t it ridiculous how inconsiderate some people can be? Good luck rescuing your sweater!!! And I think that, for the most part, once your computer dries, unless it got really sticky, you should be okay – but don’t take my word on that, I’m not a computer technician. Good luck on your journey for justice!!

    Comment by Carly
    September 5, 2007 @
    10:20 am
  2. I can’t believe it – that totally sucks! Keep hounding them!

    Comment by batman
    September 6, 2007 @ 7:47 am
  3. I’ve called them about 5 times now and I still haven’t seen any compensation. My laptop is functioning, but the screen is broken and will cost about $300 to be replaced. In conclusion, NEVER use Modern Taxi. Their cabbies don’t take care of your things, and their managers couldn’t give a rat’s ass if they kept a storage of extra rat asses in their fridge.

    Comment by Eve
    January 15, 2008 @ 11:35 pm
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