Saturday, Pattern Day #18

Monday, October 29th, 2007
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The Beau was over this weekend, and I forgot about Saturday Pattern Day. I know, bros before hos. I’m sorry.

If you are knitting or have already knit a pattern that I’m talking about, leave me a comment and I’ll update my post with a link to your version. If you’ve written up a pattern and you want me to link to it, send me an email or leave me a comment and I’ll post it! It makes the list longer and my job easier.

  • I am head over heels in love with these Chevalier mittens. The pattern’s right here, just scroll past the Finnish (or read the Finnish, if you’re Finnish). These mittens are so badass, but pretty at the same time. I love them so much that it’s hard for me to express how happy I am that there’s actually a pattern for them! And it’s free! I’ve been hankerin’ to knit a mittern/hat set instead of all these sweaters that need seaming, so this is just what I need. There’s a matching hat here, no pattern for it but it’s adorable enough to tempt me into making a matching hat of my own. Mitten example here.
  • More patterns from the same lovely lady: Green Day vest, Haruha Scarf, and Karkkipipo.
  • Here’s a flower to hang from your child’s pacifier; I didn’t even know that things had to hang from it. I’ve got so much to learn before I’m a mother!
  • Here’s a pointy-snouted Fox. Example here.
  • These Newfoundland Mitts are also vying for the position of Assistant to the Regional Manager of Being Knit By Me, so it will be hard to decide which mitten pattern to knit first. I’m Canadian, maybe I can justify knitting both. Brrr, so cold up here, right guys? So cold in fact that it’s almost November and I’m not even wearing scarves yet. Al Gore was right! Examples here and here.
  • This Roman Earflap Hat pattern would be useful for anyone needing a quick Halloween costume and has time to spare to knit it. The irony! Here’s a suggestion: don’t try to knit a shield, you’ll probably not finish it in time.
  • This Scroll Lace Sock Pattern exploits my weakness for lacy socks.
  • This Mug and French Press Jacket isn’t for wearing by coffee lovers, but for wearing by the coffee itself. A little gift for your mug. Happy Christmas, mug.
  • Lelah, badumbum… Got me on my knees, Lelah, badumbum… Baby darlin’ please, Lelah… and that’s where my knowledge of the lyrics ends.

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