Clutter-free, DIY Christmas Ornaments

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
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DIY Christmas Ornaments

My goal this year is to have an uncluttered Christmas, and that includes the destruction of any and all seasonal leftovers. I have this old collection of red ornaments and fake pine cones and an ugly strand of of “ivy” or whatever it is, and with all the moving I’ve been doing the past 6 years, I’ve gotten to really hate them because all I do is keep them in storage or move them around. Not only are they unstylish, but I really don’t need them the other 335 days of the year, so they’ve got to go.

These ornaments are a great solution to the clutter problem, because you can make them up quickly in a few minutes and then throw them in the recycling once you’re done with them. They’re bound to be crumpled at some point during the year anyway, so trash ‘em once you’re done with them and be free of Christmas Clutter!

(I think I actually made a variant of these when I was a kid. Does anyone remember making something like this? I love the paper that they used for these ones, it really updates it and makes it vavavoom without reducing its craft-with-your-kids factor. Cheers to CRAFT for the link.)

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