New Phildars Out!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
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You didn’t think I could hear about new Phildars without talking about them, did you? Especially since some of the catalogues are now also 50% off?!

Phildar 486 Canasta Phildar 486 Tunic
Phildar 486 Bouton D'or Phildar 486 Tunic 2

These are my favourites. I’m not sure I would make the tunic on the top left as long as it is, though. Wearing it without pants, sure, that could work. But with a long dress over a pair of pants, you’re going to have some belt loop outlines. Which may be sexy to belt-loop fetishists, but I’ll stick to a tunic length, thank you.

But yeah, the rest are really pretty, too.

Phildar 548 Cachemire Phildar 486 Yachting Shirt

Lots of stripes of different sizes! A shirt made especially for New England Yachters! Apparently everyone in France is from the 80s. I kinda like the first one, though. The second, er… Still not sure on that one.

Phildar 482 Wide Neck

This one is nice, except it makes the model look a little bit like a giraffe. Can sweaters help you nibble from tall branches?

Phildar 486 Vacances

Ooh, sexy back.

Phildar 486 Inside-Out Phildar 486 Thalassa Anemone

The sleeves on these are a little weird. What do you guys think?

Phildar 486 Eponge 2 Phildar 486 Eponge 3

Yay, South Asian models! I approve. They even have a non-horribly-skinny girl somewhere else in this magazine. Phildar is finally sort-of representing their customers! I really like the keyhole on this shirt, although I’m not a huge fan of the bottom. Always remember to look at the whole shirt and not just the small cropped image! I thought it was so pretty from looking at it on the right, but that detail with the i-cord I am not such a fan of. That can always be removed, though.

Phildar 482 Astrakan Vest Phildar 482 Express

AUGH!!!!! They skinned [[Fozzie]]! Ok, I actually do like the second one because it looks a little less fozzie-ish and the reverse stockinette creates really interesting accidental zig-zag patterns on the sweater. Gotta love the human visual system, finding lines where there aren’t any. (Click the image to see the lines a little better.)

Phildar 634 Court

I like the stitch pattern here. Also, this reminds me of [[Bud Cort]]. (You know, because the yarn is called “court” and when you stand far away, the shirt looks like it has buds on it? Ok, it’s a bit of a stretch.)

Phildar 482 Partner Vest Phildar 482 Quietude

Here we go, the design-y patterns. I imagine you’d have to be really skinny to pull off the second one, and the first is just weird.

Phildar 484 Baby

This picture cracks me up! It looks like they set up the photo with the baby sitting up, and before they could snap the photo… floop.

Phildar 486 Thalassa Outremer Phildar 486 Eponge

These are a bit Colchique-y with their sideways ribbiness. I like ‘em. I’m a bit afraid of the wide and short sleeves, though. This is Canada, you wear a sweater with long arms or you wear a tank top. There is no spring or fall. Well, there is a little bit, but you get so used to wearing sweaters and tank tops that you tend to carry them through those quick transitions. I would get maybe a week of wear out of these, and then transition right into a [[Cowichan]].

(Although nowadays that might not be true anymore; we didn’t have winter until mid-December this year. Damn you, climate change! You’re destroying our Canadian identity! If we can’t complain about the weather, we’ll have to start complaining about price gouging and our foreign policy instead! And that’s just crazy.)

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