WIP Week: Touch of Grey

Monday, January 28th, 2008

I’m so excited, you guys! I had good light and a good camera and a clean room on Friday, and I actually managed to take pictures! Lots and lots of pictures. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I’ll be blogging them in parts for the rest of the week until I run out. Here’s the first batch. These pictures of my Touch of Grey sweater were left on the camera from the last time I took pictures and I never got to post them.

Touch of Grey Flower

You can see below what happens when you don’t really pay attention to dye lots. See the light grey? See the slightly lighter grey? Oops. The sleeves are blocking right now (in another town so I can’t show you a picture), and I’ll be able to put everything together quite soon. It will be my first big-girl sweater! I’m so excited.

Touch of Grey

Touch of Grey

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