Saturday, Pattern Day #32

Saturday, February 9th, 2008
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My apologies for missing last week; I had a giant stats exam that grabbed my attention for a little too long. To make up for it, there’s a pile more this week!

If you are knitting or have already knit a pattern that I’m talking about, leave me a comment and I’ll update my post with a link to your version. If you’ve written up a pattern and you want me to link to it, send me an email or leave me a comment and I’ll post it! It makes the list longer and my job easier.

  • For Valentine’s Day, you can knit some Valentine Heart Rings.
  • Heartening is a cute sweater.
  • I’ve never eaten a stuffed beef heart, but I hear they’re delicious. If you want a slightly more yarny option, you can knit some stuffed hearts from mochimochiland (example here), or some hearts from Berroco.
  • Want to knit a shape that’s not a heart? Try this knitted star tutorial.
  • If you’re worried you might be a bit of a wuss, feel free to knit yourself some balls.
  • I kinda want a hat that will go around my hair if I tie it back, so perhaps this The Not Too-Too Beret could be good.
  • Here’s another Beret Recipe.
  • Here’s Vitro a bit of crocheting around rocks and things.
  • I love this blanket, but the blog itself is really weird. There’s twice as much space devoted to navigation as there is for the actual content! Maybe her monitor is a widescreen.
  • This Little sister’s dress is so cute!
  • Sí, Capitán! is a great looking hat. I love the star on top. Example here.
  • Evangeline is really pretty. A whole rainbow of examples here.
  • Five Fruits is another great MagKnits pattern for a baby.
  • I kinda like these White Witch Mitts.
  • These Playtime Petit Fours look delicious.
  • This chunky hat looks even tastier! Although I wouldn’t recommend eating wool, it’s a little chewy.
  • I’ve been waiting a while for a pattern for the Gathered Scarf for your Mother-in-Law. It’s actually quite a basic pattern. Sometimes, you just hit a stitch pattern and yarn combination that just works. This yarn is a beautiful glossy red and sets off the pattern so beautifully. Definitely a must-knit for Christmas. Example here.

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  1. hi there! i finished the gathered scarf last week — and yes, the pattern is lovely. i used blue sky suri merino, and am thrilled with the results:

    Comment by barefoot rooster
    February 9, 2008 @ 7:13 pm

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