Why we can’t knit a sock in 15 miles

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008
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Square ShawlsHere’s a beautiful post from Knit Buddies on square shawl construction. It looks like it will be the first post of many on the subject, and they’ll be a doozy if this post and similar posts are any indication. I’d like to link to it, as well as giving my thoughts on the introduction to the post:

“An industrious knitter could just about finish a man’s stocking in a 15-kilometer stretch of even, easy walking. So said an 80-year old woman from Leksand in the 1890′s.” — Brigitta Dandanell-Ulla Danielsson, 1984. Twined Knitting.

I keep thinking about what that 80-year-old woman in Leksand said. I couldn’t even walk 9.3 miles and certainly not while knitting. On the other hand it really also made me think about all the skills and techniques that have been lost or almost lost through the ages.

Here was the comment I left at her site:

A quick opinion on what you were saying at the beginning about how skills have been lost; I disagree. Yes, most of us can’t knit for 15 miles but that’s because we’ve spent our lives learning all sorts of other things, like blogging and doing math and reading and all sorts of other things. If we spent our entire lives learning to knit, we could certainly knit and walk at the same time, just as I’m sure most of us can read and walk at the same time after years spent in grade school reading and reading and reading. The difference between now and then is that we’ve specialized on different things, and I’m sure you’ll agree (no matter how much we love knitting) that being able to do the odd calculation or paint or recall a poem makes all our lives a bit richer :)

What do you guys think? How have you specialized? How has your specialization helped your knitting?

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  1. I can knit and supervise 6 children =)) I can read and walk since I used to walk to and from school everyday, and I always had a book or two going. However, I know plenty of bloggers who knit socks while walking, so it’s not completely lost to the days of yesteryear. =)

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    February 12, 2008 @ 12:36 pm

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