Cardigans need Buttons

Friday, February 22nd, 2008
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This is a guest post by my IRL friend Liz who is fabulously creative and just got a new camera (of which I am envious). Liz, you are welcome to guest blog any time you like!


Back in December, there was some talk of buttons over here that really caught my eye. Buttons are beautiful, varied in colour and design, and occasionally functional – what’s not to love?

The only problem I have with buttons is getting my hands on some. There’s usually a rack at the local fabric or yarn store with some practical button options but nothing particularly imaginative, and certainly nothing affordable in bulk for crafting.

Beyond crafting, the acquisition of buttons has been a nagging concern of mine ever since I started a cardigan out of thrifted yarn over the summer. I’m piecing together two (formerly) very ugly sweaters into what will be a simple, modern cardigan. Cardigans need buttons eventually, but I figured I’d cross that bridge once I’d actually finished a sleeve or two.

The search is over.


On Rue St. Denis in Montreal, there is the most amazing store. You walk in to see a giant bin of buttons, to be purchased by the bag full. All the walls are lined with either tubes of buttons (sorted by colour and shape) or spools of ribbon. Just walking inside is inspiring. I started thinking about the things these notions could decorate, and of course, my cardigan. It only has one sleeve so far, and that sleeve is too narrow. I’m going to have to rip it back, but it will be ok. I’ve got buttons to work for.

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(The button store is just south-east of St. Joseph, on the west side of the street, for anyone in the neighbourhood)

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