Enough with the crafted music videos!

Friday, April 18th, 2008
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It seems like there is a new one every week. Whereas the last ones seemed to have at least some soul (like here and here), this new embroidered music video by Architecture in Helsinki doesn’t appear to have very much of anything.

Architecture in Helsinki feels like another one of those bands that sounds like your brother made it on a Casio in his basement in ’85 and someone picked it up and rerecorded it with slightly better production values and sold it to a distributor by saying “Napoleon Dynamite” a lot.

The embroidery itself is very nice, but they took a lot of shortcuts by just CGI-ing the motion so it doesn’t seem like there’s enough effort involved. That shouldn’t be my reaction, I know, but it is. There doesn’t seem to be a real concept here; it feels like it’s just embroidered to take advantage of the DYI aesthetic. The previous videos were real works of art; this video is just a bunch of spinning coconuts.

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