Monday, April 21st, 2008

Fairy Folklore

eve: parappa the raprica: Knitter’s Frolic!
The Beau: are you dying to go to it
The Beau: have you read the DKC rules of conduct
The Beau: will you get to meet your internet knitting friends
eve: parappa the raprica: maybe :)
The Beau: oh boy a workshop on buttonholes !!!
eve: parappa the raprica: you are mean :(
The Beau: :P
The Beau: Blending fibres! That is sacrilegious
The Beau: there is a workshop on grafting, is that how knitters earn money to buy wool
eve: parappa the raprica: that’s grifting

I think I’m going to go! Anyone else planning on it?

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