Preparing for Mother’s Day

Friday, May 9th, 2008
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I wanted to do something really awesome for my Mom this year, because I always try so hard to do something nice but it never works out so I’m making up for a few years of failed Mother’s Days. Two years ago I spent hours and hours and piles of money on this mushroom tortiere for a Mother’s Day brunch and it ended up tasting like cardboard. Last year I had all these plans to make her breakfast in bed but when I came down at 7am she’d been up and puttering around for 2 hours already. So this year I am going to treat my Mom like a queen! My theme is going to be relaxation, because she has a lot of stress at work (she deals with kids with disabilities and stubborn parents can be a pain when they’re in denial) and it doesn’t help that we drive her crazy every day. Relaxation it is.

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I’ve been watching all these gift basket making videos and I think I have a handle on what I’m going to do. My mom is very “green” these days so I want everything to be usable (so no plastic wrapping or paper filling) and most of what goes in will be homemade. Instead of a basket, I’m going to buy a nice ceramic or wooden box at Ikea that she can use later to display some candles or a centerpiece or something. In order to pad it out (so my gifts won’t fall to the bottom out of sight), I think I might pick up a $5 blanket or towel there as well. Here’s what I’m going to put in my “basket”.

  • Coupons for gardening help. This is a biggie! She always wants us to help in the garden so now I will have no choice.
  • An eye pillow or mask or whatever they call it for sleeping, or something to cool swelling like when women put cucumbers on their eyes. That’s why they do the cucumber thing, right? For swelling?
  • A pretty candle that smells nice
  • Some sort of gourmet relaxation tea
  • Some comfy slippers, perhaps
  • I like the idea of this Chocolate Face Mask, especially since the ingredients are close at hand. There is a vitamin E capsule required, but my mom takes vitamin E so we do have it in the house. Because this has to be made fresh, I might include this on a little recipe card along with a few other recipes. I think I’m going to include a recipe for Chai, and maybe a third card with something else relaxing. Any ideas? Maybe this Oaty Milk Facial would be nice as well, except I will rename it to “Face Mask” so it feels less gross to type it out. I’m tempted to make this Milk and Honey Bubble Bath as well! But I think I’ll just include it on a recipe card instead so I don’t end up overextending myself.
  • I like the look of the ratings for this Salt Scrub.
  • I also want to make her a Milk Bath. One of the comments says to “always do a light all over exfoliation, that way you have clean living skin soaking up all the good stuff, otherwise your just soaking the dry dead skin layer.” Good tip. I think I’m going to make her a combination of the Cinnamon Oatmeal Milk Bath and Chocolate Milk Bath. I may take a tip from this Relaxing and Sedative Bath recipe and add some eucalyptus oil as well, and I’ll toss in some vitamin E for good measure.
  • I’m going to use a combination of these two Bath Tea tutorials from You Grow Girl and TipNut for self-contained pouches as well.
  • I’ll make this Foot Soak but replace the lavender with rose oil. Here’s a great tip from this foot soak page: “You can also add marbles to the bottom of the basin to rub your feet over while soaking, quite soothing!” This is an awesome idea, and I think I will package a little bag of sparkly marbles with my basket just for this purpose!
  • I love these D.I.Y. Paper Wrapped Soaps, and I might steal the PDF to make labels for my gifts.

I found a lot of these at RecipeZaar, which has an excellent Bath/Beauty section and, more importantly, lots of recipe reviews. Some of the reviews have great tips, too! For example, you’re not supposed to put things with “essential oils” into plastic containers because it absorbs the scent. I would have used glass anyway, but it’s nice to know you’re using the right thing to begin with. I also found a lot of help at TipNut.

I’m not sure what sort of special things I will be doing for my mom, but I’m thinking of throwing her a little Mother’s Day Tea Party (Brunch?) because the weather report has a 30% chance of rain (so maybe a BBQ or picnic isn’t a great idea). I’ll try to clean the house the night before and keep it clean all day. Hopefully my brother and Dad can help with those things as well. I’m sure my Dad would enjoy making the brunch so I’ll leave that to him.

Gift Basket Making Help

Here’s a little extra. I found these things in my search and I don’t think I’ll use them, but I thought I would share them on here in case you’ll like to try them out! I’d love to hear what you think of them, because I might want to try them next year.

Loofa Slices. What an interesting idea! It’s a loofa with soap already in it, so it’s more like a really scrubby soap than a loofa. You melt the soap (I think I would melt the soap in the microwave but you can also do it in a saucepan), and then pour it into a Pringles can that has a loofa stuffed inside. Once it dries, you have a soap/loofa combination that you can slice into pieces. This is great! I use an epilator for my legs so I have to do lots of loofa-ing to prevent ingrown hairs. I think I’m going to make one for my mom and I’ll be slicing off a piece for myself to see how that works. Plus, this means I can buy and consume a can of Pringles. I haven’t had Pringles in a long time. I’ll leave this until later, though, because I have no idea whether it will work.

Here are some other scrubs I won’t make but sound nice: A Sugar Scrub via Angry Chicken, who also happened onto RecipeZaar! Neat. There’s also an Easy Body Sugar Scrub, Orange Salt Scrub, and apparently this Brown Sugar Body Scrub is great on crepes. LAWL! Other bath things you might want to try: Insomnia Milk Bath, or these Extra Soothing and Aromatic Bath Salts With Milk and this Shower spa bag. There’s also a cool idea for a herbal sleep pouch.

This Rose Milk Bath has a fifth of vodka in it. Apparently it “tones the skin.” I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that it makes your nose nice and pink. There’s also a nice recipe for some Rose dusting powder. Apparently these Fizzy Bath Bombs are really popular on RecipeZaar, but the citric acid is expensive!

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  1. So sorry nobody commented on your wonderful plans for Mother’s Day!

    I wish you were “MY” daughter! I make all these things myself, so my daughter probably thinks that if I can make these things, why should she?

    How neat it would be if this was a Mother-Daughter day!
    of course Dad and brother would probably like some “non floral” pampering too, after all that slaving in the kitchen, ya know!

    I certainly hope your basket turned out nicely…. Did it?


    Comment by Colisa Vavrecka
    August 28, 2008 @
    10:45 pm

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