50 Great Yarn Tips

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008


Lion Brand has 50 Great Yarn Tips (at least). Some of my favourites:

Double-pointed and circular needles are often not marked for size and they almost always get separated from their original packages. I mark them with a fine-point permanent marker (two dots for size 2). The larger needles usually have enough space to mark the actual number. It works for all needles (wood, metal, and plastic.) I never have to search for my needle size gauge. Also, I keep a complete list of the needles I own in my purse, so I know at a glance whether I have to buy needles for a new project.

Keep your pattern and the copy of your pattern that you marked up and notated in a plastic sleeve in a 3 ring notebook. Slip in your swatch and a picture of the finished project as well. This way, when looking to make another of that pattern, you’ll have all your notes right there, suggestions for what you’d like to change for the next time, and how it turned out the first time. All your notes, etc…are all in one organized place.

Free yarn bras: Ask your florist to save you the plastic webbing that protects Fuji mums and other large-headed flowers during shipping. This webbing is a lightweight version of the material used for yarn bras, and florists throw it out. A little cleaning with soapy water will remove flower residue and voila! Yarn bras for all those 50 g./1.75 oz. yarn balls! A larger, more sturdy version for larger skeins can be found at some wine or liquor stores. This larger webbing is used to keep bottles from clanking together in consumer’s shopping bags.

You can also use the wrappers around asian pears.

Found via TipNut.com.

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