Something to do with all those Maclean’s back issues

Thursday, September 18th, 2008
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My brother used to get Maclean’s, and they’re all over my parents’ house now. Here are some things we could do with them:

Recycled Mobile made from Old Magazines

A Recycled Mobile made from Old Magazines. Hella classy.

Magazine Box

A Magazine Box, or possibly a rectangular one to store the rest of the Maclean’s magazines.

Alternate uses for magazines:

  • pierce with 10,000 tiny holes to reuse as tea bags
  • crumple up into one of those hovering balls that you use to train being a Jedi
  • twist small strips into a stylish mat for your front hallway
  • extract metallic components of the inks and recast them into pistons for an internal combustion engine
  • fold into origami cranes

Via Go Green.

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