Patches En Regalia

Friday, October 10th, 2008
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Patches En Regalia

I’m making a hat. I’m naming it after [[Frank Zappa]]’s Peaches En Regalia because there are lots of different patches of pattern in it and because the improvisational wackiness is very jazzy, much like the song. Also, I just wanted to refer to Peaches En Regalia because it is possibly the greatest song ever written. Aside from this one, of course. You go ahead and watch those, I’ll wait.

On to the hat! I’m knitting it because I have catalogued about 50% of my yarn stash and there are over 30 different yarns already. I need to reduce the pile because it is embarrassingly enormous, so I want to knit some of the one-skeiners instead of slugging away at sweaters. I am also bored, and I hate knitting with cotton, and Bubble has gotten too big for my travel knitting bag. So I’ve cast on with a skein of Merino & Fur, which is a 70% merino, 30% possum blend. I KNOW!! POSSUM?! AWESOME. (That rhymed!)

It’s navy, so the unruliness of the pattern I’ve sketched out will hopefully be tamed by the down-to-earth wooliness of the yarn and the darkness of the colour. I have made some changes to the pattern I sketched out above, but that is mostly what it will look like. Because the pattern is really random and because I don’t want my hat to have nipples, I’m not going to do any crown decreases. Instead, I’m going to seam the top into three or four little points, so from the top it will look like an X. Don’t worry, the points won’t have pompoms on them. Or will they? Hm. I will have to weigh the hilariousness of the pompoms against the probability that it will be seen by various Important Professors who may or may not be sitting on departmental granting committees.

And now, whilst I knit away: Peaches En Regalia.

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On a side note, set off by a comment in the Zappa video… Why do people have trouble spelling “freedom?” People seem to think that it is spelled freedome. It always makes me imagine one of two things: a) a giant space theatre where lots of dystopian things happen and people get run over by cars driven by snakes, or b) a certain Pauly Shore/Stephen Baldwin stoner buddy comedy.

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