A fancy way to put wine down your pants

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Nymolle vase Neck Glass

I’m going on a Value Village trip tomorrow, so I’ve been looking around on the net and trying to teach myself a little bit about how to shop for vintage doohickeys*. I’m a little afraid now that I am going to poison myself with lead if I ever have the fortune to find Wedgwood china. I love the look of ironstone, though. Maybe I can risk a few neurological disorders every now and then during the Holidays?

On my travels on the internet, I found this neat Vase by Gunnar Nylund at Nymolle and Holmegaard neck glass. The neck glass cracks me up; I am not sure if I would buy it if I ever came across it. I’m supposed to have put clutter due to hilarity behind me! But this neck glass is so darn tempting! Maybe I could use it to hold potpourri or flower petals. Then I could bring it out and bask in the hilarity of the neck glass whenever someone mentions how stylish my decorative potpourri holder is.

* Apparently “doohickeys” is in Firefox’s Canadian dictionary because there are no wiggly red lines under the word. I am surprised by this.

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