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Friday, February 20th, 2009
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Ogee Lace SkirtI was at the Science Centre today! I kinneared you guys a picture of an Ogee arch, which looks quite like the top of Ogee lace. Hence the name, I assume. I say “kinneared,” but really I just held up my camera phone and talked loudly about how I was checking the time. “I wonder what time it is.”

“I am continuing to look at the time on my cellular phone.”

“Ah. That is the time on my cellular phone. I will put it away now, until I feel the need to check it again near that model ship.”

Ogee Arch

Here’s what Wikipedia says about Ogee:

“Ogee is a shape consisting of a concave arc flowing into a convex arc, so forming an S-shaped curve with vertical ends. In architecture, an alternative name for ogee is cyma reversa.”

Cyma Reversa would also be a good name for a knitting pattern.

On a side note, I think my biological clock is running fast. There was this little kid playing with an airplane exhibit and I had to restrain myself from teaching him about aerodynamic lift, lest his parents think I was trying to steal him. But they were doing nothing! Parents! Teach your kids some frikkin’ science! Rant over.

Hope you liked this arch! You’re welcome, Internet.

Ogee Arch

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