Happy Canada Day!

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Canada Flag

We may not have enough science funding, and our Prime Minister might be a dork, but I love this country and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Here are some things I love about Canada:

Canada Moose Canada Blueberries Canada Tommy Douglas
Canada David Suzuki Canada Diversity Canada Beach
Canada Caribana Canada Snow Canada Deer
Mr. Dressup Canada Ducks Canada Sheep Dog Trials

  1. Moose
  2. Blueberries in Sudbury!
  3. Tommy Douglas, who brought us Universal Healthcare and was voted one of the greatest Canadians. Our healthcare system has saved millions of lives (especially the poor ones, which American media folks seem to have forgotten in their haste to bash the fake Canadian system they’ve conjured up from anecdotes about Medicare), including that of my aunt.
  4. Canadian David Suzuki. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Diversity in Toronto
  6. Beach on St. Joseph’s Island
  7. Caribana
  8. Canadian Snow
  9. A deer I ran into (on campus!) who was about 10m away but looks really far because I only had a cellphone camera
  10. Mr. Dressup
  11. The beau’s cottage
  12. Kingston Sheep Dog Trials

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