Requisite Obama Post

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
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Obama Hope

Religion & Politics

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
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Stephen Harper, pro-kitten, anti-yarnThere should be a rule on Ravelry that you’re not allowed to discuss religion or politics. Just like at the dinner table at Thanksgiving. There’s always some crazy jerk on the site that has decided that something else on the internet offends them and because they are offended, they are going to get every other Ravel-zealot to jump on the person and pull their metaphoric pants down. The only time when I ever come across something really ridiculous and trollsome, it’s always the religious or conservative/liberal fanatics on the site that have decided between the 50 crazies on a particular forum that they suddenly all hate the same person, just because they used a jokey pattern title referencing socialism or made a comment about how squares are better than triangles.

By the way, guys, I’m really offended by the way [political figure] spoke of [social group] in his or her [long boring speech punctuated by vague promises and references to inexperience of opponents and/or change] and I cannot agree with [policies of political figure]. I welcome the anger from Ravelry!

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Pickling is the New Knitting

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007
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Apparently pickling is the new knitting. Does this mean we’ll start seeing more pickling blogs and less knitting blogs? Oh well. Regardless of the what the Daily News says, something tells me the end result of knitting will always be a bit prettier than the end result of pickling.

I think I’ll stick with this hobby, thanks!

Voldemort Harry’s father; Hermione turns out to be a dude!

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
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Harry PotterI’m just kidding. I haven’t read all the leaks or spoilerz or anything on the Internet, so DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS! I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan or anything, but I do want to read the final book and I want to find out what happens while I’m reading. Call me old-fashioned, I’m used to it, I’m a knitter! I’ve borrowed Harry Potter 5 and I’m on Chapter 23, so I should be able to finish it in a day or two. I’m going to try to get a copy of the sixth and seventh books tomorrow (so as to avoid the risk of drive-by spoilings at the midnight bookstore parties) and I will LITERALLY TAKE THEM INTO THE WILDERNESS to avoid being spoiled in the meantime. I will be without the Internet from the 28th to the 5th of August, as I’ll be with the beau and his family at their camp (otherwise known as “snuggly buggly,” which cracks me up). I don’t think anyone else in his family is a Harry Potter fan, so I don’t have to worry about having them spoil me.

BTW, I want to send a totally excited and thrilled and flattered thank you to Kimberly who surprised me with a donation for the blog. Thank you, Kimberly! I got all teary-eyed that someone would like my blog enough to do that. I will have to blog extra hard in order to return the favour. Enabler!

I’d also like to mention Meg who emailed me a little while ago about her campaign to Knit and Fight The Black Dog, the Black Dog being depression and mental illness. She writes, “I will be using my knitting blog to highlight my struggle with the illness and encourage people to talk about their experiences and try to dismantle the stigma attached to the disease.” I read through a bunch of it out of interest (it’s hard to turn off my inner psychologist!) and the information there is really good and quite interesting, even if you don’t have the illness and you’re just reading it to get a feel for how it feels. Go check her out! It’s exciting to see the sorts of supportive communities that arise out of the knitting blogosphere. IMHO, knitters are some of the nicest and most supportive folks on the Internet.

A special note to my readerz

Thursday, May 17th, 2007
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Poodle SheepA friend of mine convinced me to try Google Ads again; I had them before in the hopes to make back some of my hosting fees, but not very much came in. I figure if it makes me $2 a month, that’s still fine, then I only have to pay $8 in hosting fees. Ads are only shown to folks who haven’t commented on my site before. Basically, transitional people will see the ads, but my regular readers—or at least those who have commented—won’t. If you’re a lurker and you don’t want to see the ads, leave a comment and say hi!

For those who made it all this way, here’s a treat for you: news that Japanese rich folks (and a famous actress) accidentally bought sheep that were cleverly disguised as poodles. Hilarious!

Naughty Knitting

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

For the rest of this post, assume the links are all NSFW.


So apparently May is staying-in-the-bathroom-too-long month, otherwise known as “No mom, I’m reading comic books under my sheets” month. San Francisco (of course) will be holding an oh-god-don’t-come-in-I’m-changing-a-thon on May 27th!

This got me thinking about activities that are pleasurable, but in the long run are not perceived to serve a higher purpose (except stress-release, and happiness, and stronger muscles, etc). What is the knitting equivalent of petting the panda? Is it startitis? Is it lace? Is it the knitting of impractical, won’t wear it but I’ll love to knit it items?

:-0 Alarm!

Sunday, March 11th, 2007
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Guys, there is an emergency. The Beau has decided that, since he filled out my questionnaire and read my comics, he is going to be a contestant to win yarn*. He also said that if he did win it, he would not give it to me :( The beau is a mean boyfriend.

There has been a lot of knitting at Chez Needle Exchange, and a lot of working. I wasted a lot of time yesterday looking at recipes for things made of chocolate, but I made up for it by knitting about a foot of my scarf while watching The Lost Tomb of Jesus. It was a pretty good documentary, if any of you folks are interested in archaeology (or even if you’re not). I’m not, and I thought it was fascinating. I saw something else by Simcha Jacobovici in which he was searching for Mount Sinai (it’s right here in Toronto, mystery solved), and I wasn’t too convinced of his scientific prowess (his use of geometry and step functions made me yell at the television). But this one does put out a pretty good case for a set of ossuaries containing the bones of Jesus. I’m not an archaeologist so I have to watch this from a laywoman’s point of view, but I do have a grasp of the scientific method and it’s an acceptable argument. There are A LOT of ifs and A LOT of maybes, and they manipulate statistics in a way that rubs me the wrong way. Nothing convincing at the moment, but at least it’s out there. Having grown up in a very religious household that also highly valued scientific discourse (Genesis was a metaphor for the Big Bang and evolution), I’m fairly sure this will be a dinner table conversation the next time I’m back with the folks.

Anyhoo, back to the knitting. The Backyard Leaves scarf is reaaaaally close to being done. I cast off the second half and then forgot to post the pictures that I took, so they will be up shortly, as well as a description of certain dumb things that I did afterwards as well as a full on Annie Modesitt worship party. Check back soon.

* Don’t worry, he is ineligible.

Knitting and Politics

Monday, September 11th, 2006
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I just came across a cool new blog with a cool recent post about crafting and politics and how, on her blog, never the twain shall meet. I try to avoid talking about politics on this blog because I think most of it has nothing to do with crafting and I don’t want to alienate all the cool folks who come by here on a regular basis. My other blog is more personal, and quite a bit more ends up there, so I don’t feel like the self-censorship is in any way suffocating.

Of course, there are some ways that politics can creep into knitting (many ways, actually), and it turns out that knitting has a vast political history. But aside from the few blog posts about gender definitions and “knitting for the troops,” there aren’t many blogs that combine knitting and politics. I’d like to see some. Not those from the US, that’s to be expected and (dare I say it) common. I’d prefer something in a foreign politick (Africa? Lebanon?), or possibly even Canadian.

Blogosphere, get to work!