The brain scientist in me is screaming

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Test lab bunny

I don’t know whether to scream with cuteness or scream of inaccuracy. Where to start!? I will be nice. It’s so cuuuuuuuuuuute! But where is the cerebellum? And the bits that attach to the eyes? And the brain stem? :(

The eyes are adorable, but of course the vacant expression gives me the impression that the bunny has been lobotomized.

I have to admit that I’m curious to see someone perform a lobotomy. Not in real life, because that’s too barbaric for words, but maybe something from a video archive or documentary. It’s like being curious of what it’s like to see someone die.

This bunny is taking me to a dark place!

Other things: STOP. Cute: GO!

Friday, March 7th, 2008
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Traffic Light Nest

This is an adorable pattern. I love the mouth details! And the antennae! And everything!

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Where to put all that money you’ve resolved to save this year

Thursday, January 17th, 2008
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Put your money in the kitty

Things in the shape of kitties are always news.

Yarn! Kitties! Eeee!

Monday, January 14th, 2008
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Yarn Kitty

Yarn Kitty

Found via Cute Overload.

String Theory

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007
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OMG String

Cute Overload says it’s string, but we all know what it really is.

I feel like we need to do a secret yarn handshake or something.

Shawn the Sheep

Friday, June 15th, 2007
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[kml_flashembed movie="" height="350" width="425" /]


Oh, the irony

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
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I found this sheep-knitting-a-sweater-for-itself video via Kate. It’s so cute!

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="350" width="425" /]

Arf! Arf ARF!

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Sausage Dog corn holdersRare Bird Finds has a list of 100 things for under $10.

It’s not really knitting-related, but it may give you some nice crafting ideas. I really love the sausage dog corn holders. There’s also a cute coin purse in there.

Wool comes from a cow

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007
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[kml_flashembed movie="" height="326" width="400" /]

Here’s an ad for the LA county fair found at potterknitter, who also has some cute cute cute li’l baby socks up for show and tell. I can’t stop watching this video for some reason. It’s just so well done.

My ovaries are EXPLODING!

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
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They are exploding with cuteness.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="350" width="425" /]

Seriously, that is too much cute combined with too much wool. I just want to hug it. Whether I am referring to the kitten or the wool is a matter for the courts.

(Via Mrs. Fife.)