The State of Fairs*

Thursday, September 11th, 2008
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State Fair

Posie‘s post about her state fair has reminded me that it’s Fall Fair season! It also reminds me that I had plans to post something about this news a few weeks ago. I’ve cut out some parts of the article for quicker reading.

Crochet pulled from fair’s fabric [Ed’s note: LOL! Crochet! Fabric! Lollerskates!]

A local crochet club has its yarn in a knot after the Western Fair dumped this year’s home arts competitions — a fair mainstay for decades. And the club isn’t alone. The fair, which began as an agricultural exhibition, has cut or downgraded three other categories, including culinary arts, display contests and oversized vegetable challenges. Part of a shakeup designed to attract younger fair-goers, the changes don’t impress traditionalists like crocheters.

“The Western Fair is forgetting its roots and is becoming a costly amusement park,” said Patty Attkins of the Crochet Club of London. Attkins, president of the club, discovered home arts were cut when she couldn’t find the category for this year on the fair’s website. “I found out by chance and not by courtesy,” she said.

The home arts were cut in the spring after fair officials examined a three-year study of the number of competition entries, said Sharon Pook, expositions sales manager. The culinary arts, including jam and baking contests, and the women’s institutes display contests, were eliminated. Depending on public response, the fair could eventually bring back some of those categories.

The fair wants to attract people in their late teens to mid-30s — a group that doesn’t often go to the fair, Pook said. New video game categories, such as Wii Fit exercise competitions, might be added, along with a new “green” lifestyle section.

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Monday, April 21st, 2008

Fairy Folklore

eve: parappa the raprica: Knitter’s Frolic!
The Beau: are you dying to go to it
The Beau: have you read the DKC rules of conduct
The Beau: will you get to meet your internet knitting friends
eve: parappa the raprica: maybe :)
The Beau: oh boy a workshop on buttonholes !!!
eve: parappa the raprica: you are mean :(
The Beau: :P
The Beau: Blending fibres! That is sacrilegious
The Beau: there is a workshop on grafting, is that how knitters earn money to buy wool
eve: parappa the raprica: that’s grifting

I think I’m going to go! Anyone else planning on it?

Sock it to me bay-bee

Friday, August 11th, 2006
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I know everyone else is already talking about it but Sock Wars 2006 sounds like it will be the SHIZZ-knit. I am so in. And now that I know where to buy sock yarn that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (after all, where then would I put my finished socks?), I can partake worry-free.

Oh and by the way, I’m GOING TO KILL YOU ALL.

That’s right. I’m going to whip your cute little butts with my foxlike sock knitting. I am filled with HUTZPAH and BRAVADO. Fear the Eve.

Knit the Classics

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
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I’m seriously considering the Knit The Classics KAL. They’re reading Lolita right now, and since I’ve been wanting to read it for a long time (that and “Invitation to a Beheading“), I figure knitting it as well would be a really neat idea. Perhaps I can try my hand at doing something vaguely Elegant Goth Lolita, as I previously mentioned in my post about how crazy Japan is. Did Lolita dress like that? I always picture her dressing like that.


Sunday, November 20th, 2005

BEE!There is a definite need for a knitting bee on Friday. I will be hosting such a bee at my home. I have lots of needles and lots of patterns, and I will start knitting at around 5pm. Perhaps a movie will be shown, or maybe some hip music will be played. All are welcome.

RSVP to my email.

Purl Party 2006: A Marginal Success

Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Last night’s knitting bee consisted mainly of Alison, Jason and Kelly. Kelly showed up at around 9 to watch us knit, and Les joined us for some Incredible Hulk after his work was finished at 10. Jason and Alison learned well; I’m hoping it was the addition of all the sexual knitting innuendo that did it. Amusingly, Jason The Boy picked things up faster. I think it’s because Alison got hung up at the beginning by having to cast on twice, because I didn’t teach her properly the first time. I didn’t notice that she was adding an extra stitch each time she cast on a loop. Reminds me of my early days; I made a lot of mistakes. My needles slipped and my yarn got tangled. All part of the learning process, guys. You guys, you guys are The Guys.

I started a hat yesterday, and it’s looking good. Hopefully it will fit. My gauge was right, so it had better work! If not, I shall wreak vengeance upon Debbie Stoller. I’ve had to modify every pattern of hers I’ve ever had to use. It’s beginning to irk me.


Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

The Knitting Bee is happenin’ tonight at 8 at my place. It’s a party, and everyone’s invited!

The Knitting Bee

Monday, January 17th, 2005

It has been decided. Our first knitting bee will be on Wednesday (that’s the 19th) at 8pm. It can be at my place or an alternate, hipper location if people wish. BYOYarn, needles can be provided in limited quantities if you don’t have any.

The guest list: Eve, Jo, Adrienne (?), Kelly, Liz, Alison, Hilary, Jason, … ???

Any name suggestions for this shindig (for example, “Kool Knitterz Party Jam” or “Purl Party 2006″) are welcome. More information will be posted once more stuff is figured out. This party is GO!

More knitting stuff

Thursday, January 13th, 2005
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I bound off my latest project and it’s a bit too small. So I’m going to have to pull out a bunch of stitches AGAIN and fix it. Or maybe I’ll just leave it the way it is, because it was getting on my nerves. It was good practise with intarsia and fair isle (knitting with different colours of yarn), so I’m writing it off as a learning experience. Maybe I’ll go back to it in a few weeks.

I also finished the previously mentioned SECOND BEST IDEA EVER: a little condom cozy. I used moss stitch with a pretty red yarn, so it’s stretchy and wonderfully textured. I just did some tests and it gets a bit bloated with 8, so I’m saying a healthy capacity is between one and six condoms. It’s really easy and fun to do, so if anyone wants one of their own I’d be glad to knit it for you.

In the next week or so, I want to organize a knitting bee, both for those who know how to knit and those who don’t but want to learn. If anyone wants to hit this up, let me know when you’re free. I’m available most weekdays. No experience necessary!

Click below for pics of the cosy and from last night.
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