Finished Baby Booties

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007
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Baby Booties

Baby Booties, started May 12th, 2007, finished May 16th, 2007
Pattern: Stay-On Baby Booties from Knitting for Baby
Yarn: Random cotton
Needles: 2.75mm dpns
Dimensions: I have no idea if this would fit a baby
Pattern Notes: CUUUUUUUUUUTE! I did not change a thing.
Would I knit it again? I love these! I love the little i-cord ties and I love the little feet and… well, that’s pretty much all there is to them. There’s some garter stitch in there, and there’s some stockinette. Oddly, the garter stitch is knit in the round, which is SO ANNOYING because I don’t like purling with cotton and metal needles. But that’s just me whining; the end result is the most adorable baby booties EVER. I will most certainly knit them again, and maybe even experiment with some seed stitch? I love seed stitch.

The next time I knit them, though, I’m going to rewrite the pattern for myself and get rid of all the endless explanations that clog up the pattern. Everything is described in great detail here, which is great if you’re a beginner knitter (definitely the target audience for this book, and something I would have loved if I had started knitting in the future with a bun in the oven) but incredibly distracting if you’ve knitted for any longer than a month. I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to knit it, but if you can do without lengthy diatribes about what garter stitch looks like, I suggest scribbling out the pattern in short hand first. You can also use the pattern at Fuzzy Galore; it’s essentially the same, except the “bumper” is garter stitch instead of four rows of knit, four rows of purl, etc and the decreases are k2togs. This is a very common pattern, so I don’t think I’m breaching copyright law by making that observation. Apparently Rocket Bride at Knittin’ Smitten agrees, because she’s published a recipe she learned from the book as well.

Finished Santa Cruz

Thursday, May 10th, 2007
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That’s two FO posts in two days! I am on a roll. And not just any roll, it’s a fancy focaccia thingie with cheese on top and rosemary sprinkles. Mmmm, rosemary. My last chapstick was rosemary flavoured so until about a week ago I smelled like pork chops all the time. Now I smell like pomegranates. It’s Phthalate Free!

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, started April 13th, 2007, finished May 9th, 2007
Pattern: Santa Cruz from MagKnits
Yarn: Cranberry merino, frogged from a sweater
Needles: 4.5 mm circulars
Size: Bulky, the largest one
Pattern Notes: I added an extra half lace repeat.
Would I knit it again? I wish I could say yes, but no, I would not knit this pattern again. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know what a debacle this was. I am so glad this hat is finished. It’s a great idea, but it’s so fiddly, and the lace pattern is hard to deconstruct when in the middle of it. I’ve had to rip this so many times. No more. I’d recommend this for cleverer knitters than I, but certainly not for beginners or for folks who knit by the seat of their pants. Unless you really know what you’re doing.

On the other hand, the end product is beautiful! I really love this hat. It’s so stylish! The only down-side is that I have big ears, so I don’t know if I should tuck them into the hat or out.

Santa Cruz

I’m so happy, you get two whole pictures of my smiling face!

Finished Garter Stitch Scarf

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
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Garter Stitch Scarf

Garter Stitch Scarf, started May 4th, 2007, finished May 7th, 2007
Pattern: Garter stitch!
Yarn: 2 balls of Moda Dea Cache in colourway #2368, “Rendezvous.” The yarn is a bit splitty and slightly rough, but the colours are beautiful and it sparkles! Another bonus is that I got each ball for $2. I’m saving my favourite colourway (#2347, “Wink”) for a garter stitch scarf for myself, and I think I’ll go up a needle size to around 5 to 5.5 mm.
Needles: 4.5 mm circulars
Dimensions: 6in by 5ft
Pattern Notes: It’s garter stitch!
Would I knit it again? Indeed, I would. I didn’t realize that something like garter stitch could be so relaxing at a time when I just wanted to knit and ignore the complications of lace or cables or whatever. I felt like garter stitch was cheating! But it’s not. It’s productive and fun and relaxing! And I love it.

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Backyard Leaves Scarf, suckas

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
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Backyard Leaves Scarf

I finished my scarf! Just in time for spring. And I am so not blocking it. Right now I just like it all bouncy and bumpy, but maybe I’ll block it in the fall.

Backyard Leaves Scarf, started February 15th, 2007, finished April 8th, 2007
Pattern: Backyard Leaves Scarf from Scarf Style
Yarn: a delicious heathery cranberry 100% merino from a large men’s sweater (roughly DK weight)
Needles: 4mm-ish
Pattern Notes: I really don’t like the seaming requirement. I tried to use a provisional cast-on and then pick up stitches, but it didn’t really work because I wasn’t thinking at the time. I’d try it again, but scarves are so tiring. I need to design something for myself! My creative juices are flowing, and the levies can’t hold them much longer. Fortunately, I hear FEMA is good at dealing with that sort of thing. I’ll keep that as my backup plan.
Would I knit it again? Hellz no. The pattern is real nice and all, but scarves are no longer my thing. To the knitters who have never tried it: I’d definitely recommend it! Although at times I’m not the hugest fan of Annie Modesitt’s instructions (she sometimes doesn’t mention her reasons for doing certain things or just assumes bits of knowledge that the average knitter doesn’t have until I realize that I’ve just knit 2 full inches on the wrong side of something), but her designs are ingenious. I’m definitely going to make use of this scarf’s edging technique in many future projects. Love it!

Backyard Leaves Scarf

Backyard Leaves Scarf

Backyard Leaves Scarf

My favourite part (other than the magnificent edging technique) is the way you cast off. Just keep knitting the leaf until all you have is a single stitch. It’s a BIT more complicated than that, obviously, but that’s the general concept. It’s that sort of thing that makes up for the occasional lack of clarity.

Backyard Leaves Scarf

WordPress Progress Bars Plugin: version 1.0!

Monday, February 5th, 2007
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8% Progress 32% Progress 65% Progress 100% Progress

Manage all your projects within a single WordPress interface, and display your progress with pride! Visit my home page to see this plugin’s progress bars in action.

Download the Progress Bars!

To use the bars:

  1. Download and unzip the progress bars zip file.
  2. Upload the “progress_bars” folder to your wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  3. Activate the plugin within the Plugins section of WordPress.
  4. Manage your projects and set your preferences in Manage >> Progress Bars.
  5. If you have widgets support, add the widget to your sidebar. Otherwise, copy and paste the following into your sidebar: <?php if (function_exists(‘display_progress_bars’)) { display_progress_bars(); } ?>
  6. If you have any questions or find any bugs, contact me by email or leave a comment!

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Finished Two-Day Pink Mittens

Thursday, January 18th, 2007
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I found my camera! It was in a box with my PS2.

Pink Mittens

This took me only two days! Well, technically 2½, but that’s still the fastest yet. Yay mittens!

Pink Mittens, started January 15th, 2007, finished January 17th, 2007
Pattern: generic mitten pattern
Yarn: Patons Decor in Pale Country Pink
Needles: 4.5mm dpns

Pattern Notes: These mittens are for the beau’s sister, as a thank you for all the delicious yarn his mom gave me. She couldn’t find any mittens anywhere to match her scarf, so I offered to knit her some and she had some yarn lying around that she gave me for that purpose. I didn’t like the yarn very much; it’s quite rough, and looked a bit shabby at first. They turned out totally cute, though! And they’ll still be comfortable, because I plan to line them with this adorable pink fleece I have. I cast on 32 stitches and knit 2 or 3 inches of ribbing, then kept going with stockinette until the thumb, knit 5 stitches with scrap yarn and then kept going. I did k2tog, ssk decreases on each side every other row for 4 rows, then decreased every row until I had 6 stitches left, then pulled the yarn through and snipped. The thumbs were done similarly, except I did the decreases with a slip 1, k2tog, psso. I was experimenting! I don’t think I like it that way, so if I have to lengthen the thumbs (or even if I don’t have to) I think I’m going to rip back and change to the normal k2tog every other stitch and then pull through.

Would I knit it again? Heck yes. I love knitting mittens. I think my dpns are going to get lots of exercise in the next few weeks! Only one small change from now on: I should get some 4mm or 3.75mm dpns for the ribbing, because it’s coming out a bit too wide. I accomodated by knitting the ribbing on the second mitten quite tightly, but it would be easier to just grab some thinner needles.

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Finished Purple Ribbed Scarf

Sunday, December 31st, 2006
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Purple Ribbed Scarf

Purple Ribbed Scarf, started 4 years ago, finished 4 years ago
Pattern: K2P2 ribbing, fringe

I gave this purple scarf and the ruffly pink scarf seen previously to the twins this Christmas. I didn’t pay attention to which of them picked which scarf, but I’m fairly sure this is Kelly. I tell them apart by the timbre of their voices and the way they move, which unfortunately doesn’t help in a photo. One of them has a scar on her cheek but I can’t remember which!

This is a very basic K2P2 ribbed scarf. I knit two sorts of yarn together, one of them was a thick and thin jobbie by Bernat, I believe, and the other was a variegated baby yarn by who knows. It was hard to give this away; so pretty! I actually knit this 4 years ago and couldn’t part with it. I’m going to knit an update, I think.

Finished DNA Scarf for Cynthia

Sunday, December 31st, 2006
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DNA Scarf for Cynthia

DNA Scarf for Cynthia, started September 28th, 2006, finished November 20th, 2006, blocked December 23rd, 2006, gifted December 27th, 2006
Pattern: Dr. Montville’s Double Helix Seaman Scarf
Yarn: Red shetland wool ripped from a sweater
Needles: 4mm circulars
Dimensions: HUUUUUGE!
Pattern Notes: I got bored near the end and couldn’t bring myself to knit 4 more repeats, so I settled for a keyhole pattern and only 1 1/2 repeats. I think it looks pretty snazzy. I put the keyhole in diagonally and then crocheted around the hole to make it a bit flatter. It didn’t come out exactly as I liked, but it’s not bad.
Would I knit it again? Now that I have the hang of the pattern, I might. It was pretty hairy for a while, though. Maybe I’d knit it into a shirt or something. No more scarves! I need to go on a scarf diet.

Finished Pretty in Pink donation!

Thursday, December 7th, 2006
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Pretty in Pink donation

This is a chunky version of Knitty’s Shedir. It’s “urban,” so I am calling it the “Oh no Shedi’in’t!”

Oh no Shedi’in’t, started November 29th, 2006, finished December 1st, 2006
Pattern: Shedir (PDF)
Yarn: Chunky cotton
Needles: Started on 7.5mm straights, then ripped apart and restarted with 6.5mm circulars
Dimensions: It’s a little too small for my head (oops), but it would certainly fit a preteen.
Pattern Notes: I cast on 32 stitches and followed the pattern but only did a single repeat. Once I got close to the top, I cut out all the WS rows.
Would I knit it again? It’s a nice pattern, but I’m not sure it works for any less than 64 stitches around. I want to do a couple more chunky hats like this, but the cotton I used wasn’t hugely stretchy and the cables don’t look as good as I hoped. Next time I’ll try with a non-cotton fibre, and it should work out perfectly.

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No sleep till Pumpkin

Saturday, November 18th, 2006
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Multidirectional Scarf

Multidirectional Scarf, started November 13th, 2006, finished November 15th, 2006
Pattern: Multidirectional Scarf
Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky in High Plains
Needles: 6.5 mm circs
Dimensions: I decided to keep knitting and eventually stop when I hit the end of the ball, so it’s actually a bit small. I like it, though; it just the right size for a stylish jacket scarf.
Pattern Notes: I followed the directions in all respects except that I didn’t have the pattern with me when I had to finish it off, so I made up something that ended up being fairly similar to the instructions. Once it got to the halfway point of the last triangle, I started K2TOGing on the first two stitches and then finished off with a k3tog and a bunch of hairbraininess at the end.
Would I knit it again? This is the fastest scarf I’ve ever knit, I believe. Possibly because it’s the first scarf I continentalled. I’m getting fairly confident with it, so fairly soon I believe I will start purling! Gasp! This is a great pattern to knit for a boy, especially with rugged yarn such as the Shetland Chunky. So if I have to knit another quick scarf, I’d do it again. I’d buy two balls next time, though.

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