Midwest Moonlight

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008
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Midwest Moonlight

I really like this version of Midwest Moonlight. I don’t ordinarily like striping yarn, but I make an exception for rainbows! There are more versions here, here, here and here.

How to Sew a Lining for a Knitted or Crocheted Bag

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
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Sew A Lining For A Crocheted Bag

Oh man, did I need this! I’ve been sitting on my Isabeau Purse for a few years now because I had no idea how to line it. But now I can try my hand at this tutorial and see if I can indeed Sew a Lining for my Knitted Bag! Updates soon.

Bubble Bobble

Monday, June 23rd, 2008
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I have stockinette cabin fever! I have been knitting the same thing for months and months about once a week when I can squeeze in the time, and it is growing by about an inch per week. I have to knit something new. There are only so many months you can knit stockinette and remain sane. And so, I’m going to start something over which I’ve been drooling for a few months: The Bubble Pullover. I went on Ravelry to take a look at a few and figure out which yarn I liked best for it; here are my favourites.

Bubble Pullover Bubble Pullover

First there’s BirgitteStrikker’s Bubble Pullover and JenniH’s Bubble Pullover.

Bubble Pullover

knitress also has a beautiful one.

Of the ones I’ve really liked, one of four yarns was involved: Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran, Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK, Plymouth Suri Merino, and Araucania Nature Wool. I really want to try the Araucania, but I thought you folks would be a good resource to help me decide which one to use. My main requirements are that the yarn does not pill, and… well, that’s it. I would love for it to be as soft as Malabrigo (*drool*) but I can’t expect it to be fairly sturdy and non-pilling if it is. I’d also like it to be fairly drapey because otherwise it looks like a box and I can always knit at a tighter gauge if I want to give it a bit of structure.

What do you guys think?

(BTW, I totally copped out on the no commenting thing, I am such a comment hog.)

New Norah Gaughan Out!

Monday, June 9th, 2008
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PeterhofThey released a sneak peek at Eastlake just a few days ago, and now Berroco’s 3rd volume by Norah Gaughan is out! Talk about snappy.

I really like it, but there are certainly a few wacky patterns in the mix. The knit shirt to the right is called Peterhof, and looks like the model is being eaten by a triple-breasted plasma monster. The expression on her face reflects this.

If you don’t like plasmoids, perhaps you would be interested in Strawberry Hill. Instead of sagging boobs hanging from your waist it looks like your boobs are being cupped by a multitude of hands.

My favourite from this series is still Eastlake. Portrait is really innovative, but I don’t know if I would wear it if I knitted it. I also like Chisel and Cire-Perdue.

Sneak Peak at Eastlake

Monday, June 2nd, 2008
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I absolutely adore this sweater. Isn’t it incredible? By Norah Gaughan, it’s called Eastlake. Thanks, Orata!

Make your own Robot Softie

Thursday, May 29th, 2008
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Work in Progress: Robot/Roboter

Here’s a beautiful tutorial for a beeping Robot Softie. I WANT ONE!

Tsumami Kanzashi Tutorials

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008
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I’ve fallen in love with Kanzashi. Here’s what Wikipedia says about them:

[[Kanzashi]] are created by Japanese artisans from squares of silk by a technique known as tsumami. Each square is multiply folded with the aid of pincers and cut into a single petal. These are attached to backings of metal to create whole flowers, or attached to silken threads to create strings of blossoms…. Geisha wear different hana kanzashi according to the month, or public holiday. In the summer months (June to September), jade ornaments with white or silver themes are worn. During the winter months (October to May), tortoiseshell and coral kanzashi are worn.

Here are some beautiful Kanzashi I’ve found on the web:

Kanzashi cherry blossoms

Japanese Hair Ornaments for Geisha Kimono Costume & Cosplay

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Business in the Front, Comfort in the Back

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
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I’ve been thinking about this, and I’m pretty sure that the idea I am about to discuss is the greatest idea since Two-Time Physics.

Socks with pads on the backs. For putting your feet up! Socks with pads! This is great!

Sock Pads

Above is a prototype of what it would look like. (Original is here).

I’m thinking of patenting this. Whaddaya think? I would make millions. You see, if you want to put up your feet on a sofa or comfy ottoman, then it’s no problem. But what happens if you want to put it up on a chair? Or a table??!! MADNESS I TELL YOU!

I’m not drunk, I’m just excited. And a little drunk. But this is a great idea!

Twofer Day! Pre-Leather Jacket Post!

Friday, March 21st, 2008
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GUYS! I am so excited. I’m getting a leather jacket for my birthday tomorrow! And you have to help me decide on jackets! Here are some of the ones I like. This one is my favourite:

Casual style lamb leather jacket with detachable liner

The others are below the fold. Give me your vote in the comments!

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Guys… OMG Guys… GUYS, OMG!!

Saturday, March 1st, 2008
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Free Cat Pattern

Amy Butler Cat. That is all.