Finished Jaywalkers: My first socks!

Thursday, October 5th, 2006
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Happy Socktober! These are my groin-kicking shoes, which have now become my sock-modeling shoes. You’ll be seeing quite a lot of my feet this month; for Socktober, I’m going to be modeling all my favourite socks for sockspiration.

Jaywalkers, started August 4th, 2006, finished September 22nd, 2006
Pattern: Jaywalker
Yarn: Regia 4-Ply Mini-Ringel Sock Yarn in Maid Marian
Needles: 2.25mm DPNs
Dimensions: One a bit wider than the other (I knit the second one at a tighter gauge, I think), but they fit quite well.
Pattern Notes: These are my first ever socks! I really like them. One problem I had with the pattern was that it specified things by numbered needles, but never said which number was which. Aside from that, really fun to knit.
Would I knit it again? Sure thing. I want to knit a pair toe-up, because I have just a little left of the Regia that I may as well use up. Hopefully it’ll be enough for a pair of anklets.

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Kitchener stitch, more like bitchener stitch

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006
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From now on, I’m going to knit all my socks toe up! I still like this sock, but next time I’ll make the following adjustments:

  • Tighter leg – Even though I cut the stitch count down to 60 or so, it was still too loose. I think that might have been because of the ruffles I added at the top, so maybe it was okay. I definitely won’t be adding very many ruffles from now on.
  • I prefer either a really long or really short stocking. Summer socks or winter socks; Canadians don’t really have a very substantial autumn or spring. So I could try this as an ankle sock, perhaps. I’ll have quite a bit left of this yarn, so hopefully I can squeeze an ankle sock out of it.
  • No more kitchener!

Is that a Jaywalker? That’s a Jaywalker!

Thursday, August 24th, 2006
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Captain, I’m sensing… pain. And socks.

Thursday, August 10th, 2006
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For the record, I’m watching a Jeopardy episode and there’s this college kid talking about Marina Sirtis (also known as Counsellor Troi) coming to his hometown when a Star Trek convention came there and about how stoked he was, and he’s got a seriously comical Southern drawl and IT IS HILARIOUS.

Here is a universal sock pattern. I believe I will use it to create my own sockular magnificence, after I finish the Jaywalkers I’m knitting now.

They just had a question about Danica Patrick! GIRL POWER!