A shawl panic, a poll, and a legal document

Friday, July 13th, 2007
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Let the record show that Eve is in a panic. She has 1.5 repeats finished on the SWATCH for the Myrtle shawl, and she has to finish the actual shawl itself in two (2) weeks if she wants to wear it to the garden party. This is so not happening. A shawl with lace in every row is never a good idea for a deadline, and she has decided to scrap it in favour of a faster project. To this end, she has prepared a poll and is requesting your opinion as to the best project to knit: Shetland Triangle, Japanese Feather Stole, Lace Dream Stole, a lace parasol based on Victoria, or Orangina. Results will be tabulated at the end of the weekend.

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Bah Ram Snooze

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007
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This is a bit of a patchwork post. First, check out this cute new t-shirt design from Threadless!


Second, this is a wonderful tip from bunchkinknits on shaping armholes that require stitches to be cast off at the beginning of rows:

The trick is to decrease one of the cast off stitches in the last two stitches of the preceding row. So for instance, if you are supposed to cast off three stitches in the next knit row, you would purl two together on the last two stitches of the preceding row (decreasing one stitch), and then only cast off TWO in the next row. The change in the line of decreases is amazing, and so much easier to sew up that all of those stair steps.

Neat! So if you have to cast off 5 stitches, you decrease on the row before and then cast off 4 stitches at the beginning of the intended row, creating a slant so you don’t have a “stair” effect on your sleeves. This is especially useful if you’re knitting a tank top or something that doesn’t allow you to hide the stairs in a seam.

Third is an update on some UFOs: I finished the February Baby Sweater yesterday! It’s officially my first finished sweater, even if it’s for a baby. I sewed on the buttons using this tutorial and I knit a flower for the front that looks like a daffodil. I’ll be taking photos this afternoon and I’ll have a post ready for tomorrow. I also finished a huge portion of my Dad’s scarf over the weekend (only half a foot until I’m done), and knit up a swatch for my mom’s Somewhat Cowl. No progress on Baudelaire this weekend, though; I had to read a textbook on Experimental Design and I have at least 20 papers to read and AUGH! AUGH! AUGH!

Ooh! And I caught four fish on Saturday. It was family fishing weekend in Ontario where you can fish without a license. The beau landed all my fish but at one point I decided I was going to land one but then it kept swinging back and forth on the line and I was afraid of hurting it and I touched it along the side and it was surprisingly un-gooey, but then I knew if I kept screwing around it would reverse-drown, so I let him land it so it could get back in the water as soon as possible. Le beau caught a fish that had a lure stuck in it, and the jerks had just cut the line without removing the lure. Stupid, stupid, stupid people.

I don’t want this post to end on a sad note, so here’s a video of a cute puppy. Arf!

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/GpVxsZojPUA" height="350" width="425" /]

Rule 30 Scarf in Progress

Monday, February 12th, 2007
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Rule 30 Scarf

That’s enough of that

Sunday, February 4th, 2007
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I realized I left a mopey blog post up for the past few days without replacing it with something cheery, so here’s an update (sadly with no pictures, as I still can’t find my camera charger). This upcoming week is going to be a busy one, so there’s not much time for knit-blogging. Lots of time for knitting, though, as most of my time is spent waiting for study participants to fill out questionnaires. I’m running participants through one study for one of my profs, and then there’s my honours thesis. Fortunately, they both use equipment from the same lab which means I don’t have to go outside ever again! I got a chance to look at the eye-tracker that I’ll be using for my own experiment. It’s quite neat; everything is contained within one monitor, so you don’t even have to put on a headset or anything.

SlippersKnitting news: the lab requires you to take your outdoor shoes off when you get in, so I’m knitting myself a pair of felted slippers to keep there for the rest of the semester. I’m using the yarn that the beau’s mother gave me, which will be great to pull out tonight when his family and I watch The Super Bowl. I hear the Super Bowl is a big football thing, so maybe I’ll wear the Germany jersey I bought during the World Cup. Boy, do I love football.

I restarted my dad’s Rule 30 scarf in a double-stranded fingering weight alpaca, and it’s about a foot and a half long. It feels like I’ll never finish it, and it’s driving me crazy. It was a relief to start something different, which is why I started working with the above slippers. The pattern is nice and brainless, though, and the colours are great. I’m using a light grey for the 0s and blue, green and red stripes for the 1s.

As well as the sweater I mentioned previously, I’ve decided to start knitting an Orangina. I’m going to use Classic Elite Provence in a beautiful emerald green. It’s going to be incredible. I’m a bit afraid of cotton, but it should be nice and breathe-y for the summer. I can’t wait!

Thinkin’ ’bout Yarnival! (and other things)

Saturday, January 27th, 2007
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Mostly MittensY’know that book various bloggers have been talkin’ ’bout that’s hard to find and really expensive to order? Guess what I’m looking at right now! Oh yeah baby, those two previous sentences describe the very same delicious book of mitten patterns. Mostly Mittens by Charlene Schurch. Boom shakalaka.

Remember when I couldn’t find my camera a few days ago? I’ve been doing lots of knitting (version 2.0 of my Dad’s Rule 30 scarf and a few cute hats), but now my camera’s batteries have run out and I can’t find my charger. I will find it again! Hopefully. For now, you’ll have to settle for pictures of Pokemon.

I’ve been thinking about how to make Yarnival! easier to navigate, and I have decided two things:

  1. I’ll be keeping a master list (not available yet) of every Yarnival issue on this blog. It’ll appear on the sidebar somewhere; I’ll figure out where to put it later.
  2. The next issue and all forthcoming issues will include a rule (nay, strongly suggested guideline) that if your post is accepted into an issue, you must either a) post a link to the carnival issue in question or b) repost the carnival links in their entirety (by that I mean the entire body of the current issue). I like the second because the reposting means there’s one less click between the reader of a blog and the carnival articles, but some editors may not like this option because it distributes their content and no longer drives traffic to their site. I like the first option better.

Anyone have any opinions?

Tension Tutorial

Thursday, January 11th, 2007
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Tension Swatches

There’s a great Tension Tutorial over at the purl bee. Lots of great pictures and hints as to why you might have certain problems with the fabric you’re knitting.

I’ve been having tension problems of late; I almost finished a hat for myself yesterday but discovered that, as I’d predicted, the cables tightened the body too much and I’d have to start over with a redesign. So I redesigned it and reknit it, and now it looks completely dorky so I’m going to have to rip again. I think the dorkiness is partly because of my tension; I was knitting it on 4mm needles but they really should have been 5mm. Same problem with the scarf for my dad. Ripping is all I’ve been doing these days!

(Found via CRAFT: magazine.)

The beginnings of a Rule 30 scarf

Monday, January 8th, 2007
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The beginnings of a Rule 30 scarf

This scarf is for my dad, who is a huge nerd so the pattern is cellular automata (y’know, computer stuff). I used the most popular and most intriguing rule set (Rule 30) which has the familiar triangles in it. Every stitch is based on the three stitches under, to the left, and to the right of it on the previous row. Rule 30 (where 0 is a white stitch and 1 is colour) is as follows:

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