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Sunday, March 11th, 2007
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Guys, there is an emergency. The Beau has decided that, since he filled out my questionnaire and read my comics, he is going to be a contestant to win yarn*. He also said that if he did win it, he would not give it to me :( The beau is a mean boyfriend.

There has been a lot of knitting at Chez Needle Exchange, and a lot of working. I wasted a lot of time yesterday looking at recipes for things made of chocolate, but I made up for it by knitting about a foot of my scarf while watching The Lost Tomb of Jesus. It was a pretty good documentary, if any of you folks are interested in archaeology (or even if you’re not). I’m not, and I thought it was fascinating. I saw something else by Simcha Jacobovici in which he was searching for Mount Sinai (it’s right here in Toronto, mystery solved), and I wasn’t too convinced of his scientific prowess (his use of geometry and step functions made me yell at the television). But this one does put out a pretty good case for a set of ossuaries containing the bones of Jesus. I’m not an archaeologist so I have to watch this from a laywoman’s point of view, but I do have a grasp of the scientific method and it’s an acceptable argument. There are A LOT of ifs and A LOT of maybes, and they manipulate statistics in a way that rubs me the wrong way. Nothing convincing at the moment, but at least it’s out there. Having grown up in a very religious household that also highly valued scientific discourse (Genesis was a metaphor for the Big Bang and evolution), I’m fairly sure this will be a dinner table conversation the next time I’m back with the folks.

Anyhoo, back to the knitting. The Backyard Leaves scarf is reaaaaally close to being done. I cast off the second half and then forgot to post the pictures that I took, so they will be up shortly, as well as a description of certain dumb things that I did afterwards as well as a full on Annie Modesitt worship party. Check back soon.

* Don’t worry, he is ineligible.