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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
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Here is a picture because all blog posts need pictures.

Hi there, folks who still read my blog. I imagine there are a few who haven’t culled their feed readers in a while. And for that, I thank you!

I have been in a knitting and blogging funk (mostly Farmville-related), but I think my belly is developing a small fire for knitting that I sense will erupt soon enough. I have been looking at the Knitpicks catalogues that still come to my door every month, and I have a feeling my knitting bag will be going back into my backpack tomorrow morning. I removed it a few months ago (regretfully), because I hadn’t used it in months and it was bulking up the bag. But it’s going back. It has Bubble in it.

Also, I seamed Greenzo. I never seam ANYTHING. I specifically seek out sweaters that I don’t have to seam, so that I don’t have to seam them. But I seamed this shirt one day a little while ago, and it was moderately pain-free. I think this is a good sign.

P.S: Eff Farmville.


Ice Cream Gyoza

Thursday, September 10th, 2009
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Ice Cream Gyoza

Reblogging this delicious Ice Cream Gyoza idea. Oh man, does that sound delicious or what?

I’ve been slouching a bit on the blogging front, which is entirely the fault of my PhD. But I have a few surprises soon, including a fawning post about my new computer*, a series of posts on my wonderful vacation and a few FOs.

In the meantime, I think I’m going to buy a gyoza press.

Ice Cream Gyoza Press

* My new computer will have the handy feature where I can press a button that actually starts the computer instead of a button that lies and pretends it will start but then doesn’t, and then you have to manually shut it off because the hard drive is spinning but not responding, and then try turning it on again, and then off, and then on, and then off, all the while hoping for a glimpse of that dearest apple icon that means that it is actually doing something, and never seeing it, which I am experiencing at this very moment, and have been for the last 2 hours. All thanks to this guy. I never did get any compensation for the destruction of my computer by Modern Taxi. I reiterate: if you live in Kingston, NEVER use Modern Taxi.

Ten Year Blogiversary!

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I’ve been blogging for 10 years.

I couldn’t find any animated cake gifs that were hilarious enough, but I did find lots of marios. And so, to celebrate my Blogiversary, you are getting marios:

Mario Raccoon Fly Mario Raccoon Fly Mario Raccoon Fly Mario Raccoon Fly Mario Raccoon Fly Mario Raccoon Fly Mario Raccoon Fly Mario Raccoon Fly Mario Raccoon Fly Mario Raccoon Fly
Tanooki Mario Float Tanooki Mario Float Tanooki Mario Float Tanooki Mario Float Tanooki Mario Float Tanooki Mario Float Tanooki Mario Float Tanooki Mario Float Tanooki Mario Float Tanooki Mario Float
Frog Mario Swim Frog Mario Swim Frog Mario Swim Frog Mario Swim Frog Mario Swim Frog Mario Swim Frog Mario Swim Frog Mario Swim Frog Mario Swim Frog Mario Swim

Ten marios each, for each of the 10 years I have been blogging. And in honour of 1999: Booyah!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 10th, 2009
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Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I hope that all of you, in the true spirit of the day, protested a war or somehow encouraged disarmament.

(I always forget that it’s a protest holiday and get my mom something and make her breakfast anyway, but it’s also important to remember the original intent of Mother’s Day.)

Vimy Ridge Memorial

Photo via amysgster.


Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
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I don’t really knit socks but I want to buy this sock yarn! It’s called Zauberball. As a German speaker who grew up in Canada, I find this hilarious, because it translates to Magic Balls. Because I am 12.

I’ve sort of disappeared lately, and I apologize! I think this is the longest time I’ve gone without blogging, and I should at least have warned you guys in case some of you folks suspected I was dead. Well, I’m not dead! Only my social life is.

The past four days were, I think, the most stressful of my entire life. I had about 3 days to design a neuroimaging experiment, pilot it with 4 participants so I would know which set-up and stimuli would be most effective, recruit participants and make sure everything was tested so nothing would go horribly wrong. My first participant in the machine came in yesterday, and when that person was finished, I’d gone for four days on 13 hours of sleep. Oh yeah, and in that same time I also had to rewrite a 15-page paper twice. Twice!

But now it’s over and I told everyone that I don’t care what my other responsibilities are, I am taking a whole day where I don’t have to do anything. Here is what I have done today: sleep until 5pm, watch Reno 911, and pet my cat. Now I am going to finish the ribbing on my Bubble sweater, and all will be right with the world.

Officially a Collector

Friday, March 13th, 2009
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I bought a Holga! My camera collection is scary now. But! But each has its own purpose. I’m not a crazy cat lady who has 9 cats all for the same purpose of replacing children*. I am a crazy camera lady who needs to take pictures of knitting and landscapes and things that are under water.

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Kinnearing Science

Friday, February 20th, 2009
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Ogee Lace SkirtI was at the Science Centre today! I kinneared you guys a picture of an Ogee arch, which looks quite like the top of Ogee lace. Hence the name, I assume. I say “kinneared,” but really I just held up my camera phone and talked loudly about how I was checking the time. “I wonder what time it is.”

“I am continuing to look at the time on my cellular phone.”

“Ah. That is the time on my cellular phone. I will put it away now, until I feel the need to check it again near that model ship.”

Ogee Arch

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Pimp my Vacations!

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Amsterdam Bulgaria
Orlando New York

I have four trips planned for this year:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (fingers crossed, submitted the paper last week)
  • Sofia, Bulgaria with a quick jaunt down to Greece with The Beau
  • Orlando, Florida (The Beau is going there and I am tagging along because hey, it’s effin’ Florida!)
  • New York, New York (I have never been and I have finally decided to go.)

Yes, I know I’m racking up the miles this year, but I haven’t been traveling for a while. The Bulgarian and Dutch conferences are also happening within days of each other, so I will only actually need one gas guzzling cross-Atlantic plane ride to cover both (although I will also need a little cross-continental plane to take me from Sofia to Amsterdam). I am really looking forward to these trips! So here are some questions to all you friendly crafters out there:

  • What are some good places to go in any of the above locations? I’m curious about everything: hotels, restaurants, museums, fun parties, places to see cute animals, glamorous shopping, parks, I will even visit a tourist trap if it is worth seeing. And I am not opposed to hurling my body into dangerous and death-defying situations, just so long as there is a rope attached to me so I can be snatched back in the nick of time. I want adventure!
  • Disneyworld: pro or con?
  • Should I go to the Kennedy Space Center again?
  • Is there anything to do in Bulgaria that doesn’t involve communism?
  • Notable yarn stores? Is there a yarn equivalent of Legoland?

Not Dead!

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Hey guys! I’m not dead! I just had a paper to write. And now it’s done, and I’ve started a new bit of research, and so I am (semi-) free to blog again. Which is good, because I’ve got a bunch of new yarn stashed, a new camera and a bit of knitting technology that will be extremely useful, given the influx of stash. I’ve also got some knitting done that is in desperate need of blogging. So I’ll be back tomorrow! Apparently I am watching the Superbowl so you will probably see the first post during a lull in Superbowl commercials. See you soon!

Still Alive!

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
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Hi guys! I just realized that I haven’t posted anything since last Tuesday, and I figured I should explain myself. It’s granting season, so I’m busy right now a) cutting a paper down fom 10,000 to 4,000 words for submission tomorrow, b) cutting down a grant proposal for submission tomorrow (it’s always three lines too long!), and c) submitting my masters research (which I finished a while ago, but couldn’t submit until yesterday). I will be working like a crazy person today, and then immediately crashing and/or watching the new episode of 30ROCK! So excited. The beginning half of Thursday will be the worst day of my life, and then second half will be the awesomest. Because I will be done, and then I get to moon over Tina Fey for half an hour. Anyhoo, while I’m away for a few more days, here is a cool honeycomb smocking tutorial via whip up.

Honeycomb Smocking Tutorial

Oh man, I just double-checked and apparently 30ROCK isn’t premiering until the 23rd. It’s premiering on the internet; isn’t that weird? I will have to torrent it because I don’t think NBC likes it when Canadians use their Internet.