Finished Touch of Grey Sweater

Thursday, February 21st, 2008
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Touch of Grey Sweater

It’s my first finished big-girl sweater!

Touch of Grey Sweater, started August 2nd, 2007, finished February 1st, 2008
Pattern: From Phildar 443, the nautical-style boat-neck sweater
Yarn: 2-ply alpaca ripped from two different $7 sweaters
Needles: Size 4 KnitPicks Options

Modifications: A few, but nothing too major. I resized the sweater for gauge and changed the colour pattern. Adjusted the length and shaping. I didn’t want to make too many changes because it was my first attempt at a sweater, but I made a few adaptations so it would fit better. Oh yeah, and I accidentally knit the front half too narrow so I had to knit the back to be much wider, doing some increases/decreases (depending on which half) at the edges to equalize the widths at the beginning of the arm holes. Hehe, oops.

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WIP Week: Touch of Grey #2

Friday, February 1st, 2008
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I’m pushing it a little bit with this WIP, in that it is only technically still a WIP because I haven’t woven in the last end of the sweater yet. The lengths to which I’ll go to keep my WIP-week promises!

Bickety BAM!

Touch of Grey

I love this sweater.

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WIP Week: Touch of Grey

Monday, January 28th, 2008

I’m so excited, you guys! I had good light and a good camera and a clean room on Friday, and I actually managed to take pictures! Lots and lots of pictures. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I’ll be blogging them in parts for the rest of the week until I run out. Here’s the first batch. These pictures of my Touch of Grey sweater were left on the camera from the last time I took pictures and I never got to post them.

Touch of Grey Flower

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Friday, December 14th, 2007
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Touch of Grey Blocking

Yesterday was E-Day. That stands for Eve’s Day of Axtreme Yndustriousness. EDAY.

My theory is that if I have too much to do, I will GIV’ER and get everything done. If I don’t have enough to do, then I’ll be lazy and not do anything. So I artificially increased my workload to push myself, and this is the result. My jobs were thus:

  • Plan out main points of my paper
  • Write 6 pages of my paper
  • Finish seaming baby jacket

First two legitimate, third as a challenge. Here’s what I crossed off:

  • Plan out main points of my paper
  • Write 5 pages of my paper (I’m a slow writer)
  • Finish seaming baby jacket

All in all, I’d say that’s a pretty productive day. Considering the amount of extra research I had to do yesterday, I’m well on my way to finishing this paper and well on my way to finishing that baby jacket. The buttons still need to be sewn on, but I don’t have enough battery power in my camera to show you what they’ll look like. I have daisies and duckings! I’ll let you choose when my camera comes back to life.

I hate cabbies

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007
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Warning: this post contains some naughty words.

So I hopped on a bus yesterday for Kingston so I could see The Beau for one last week before school. Not only was I excited about that, but I was also finished with the knitting portion of my sweater, having cast off my last sleeve on the bus. I took a cab to his place, tipped the cabbie, and then picked up my backpack to take it inside. Hm. Why is there a giant pool of brown liquid coming from my backpack? Ah yes, the bottle of dark rum I had bought for his parents in the Virgin Islands and so painstakingly, lovingly brought back with me. It was broken. Even the airline folks managed to get it to Canada in one piece, but a fucking cabbie from Kingston? Oh no, he has to pick up my backpack and throw it on the ground, shattering the bottom and spilling rum and glass on:

a) my beautiful new finished alpaca sweater
b) my computer.

Now, I’m ok with the smell (it’s actually quite delicious), but I’m now afraid to turn on my computer for fear of it shorting out. There’s also the fact that my sweater is COVERED IN GLASS AND RUM. My beautiful sweater that took probably 100 hours to knit is covered in glass and rum. And I fucking hate cabbies and they had better pay for my computer and my sweater to be cleaned or I am going to SHIT A BRICK.

I’m sorry for the swearing, I’m just really stressed right now. I called the taxi company yesterday and they said they’d call me back today because yesterday they had “other things to deal with.” Which essentially means they are trying to blow me off. But, my dear MODERN Taxi Company, never underestimate the will of a knitter that’s just had her new sweater ruined. You fuckers are going to PAY.

Sault Ste. Marie, by the numbers

Tuesday, August 14th, 2007
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As you folks might remember, I was gone last week in Northern Ontario. I wanted to post something but didn’t have the time to take photos until now. Here the highlights:

  • 8 days
  • 5 deer
  • 2 adorable baby raccoons (fluffy tails, little masks)
  • 3 snakes (two babies, one momma)
  • 2 porcupines
  • 1 vulture
  • Harry Potter 5
  • Harry Potter 6
  • Chapter 31 of Harry Potter 7 (since finished)
  • 3 camp sites
  • 1 beautiful sandy beach
  • 20 mosquito bites on my right foot alone
  • Approximately 50 bug bites in total, give or take
  • 3 shots fired
  • 2 holes to the right of the bulls-eye
  • 2 planned dishcloths
  • 0 finished dishcloths
  • 3 shades of grey and 1 shade of red:

Shades of Grey

That’s my artsy brooklyntweed shot, revealing several shoes and some recycling.

Here’s a breakdown of the week:

Shades of Grey

The first stripe was started on the Thursday or so, but not seriously worked on except after it got too dark to read my Potter. On the trip back, a light stripe was knitted onto that accidentally and then ripped back. Fortunately, there were twelve hours in which to knit, so it wasn’t a huge loss. I spent an hour working on a paper and then knit knit knit until we got to Kingston. It was pretty grueling. I think 3 of the remaining 11 hours were spent trying to sleep to avoid having to boringly continue on the sweater with nothing else to do but listen to the CBC’s boring diatribes on the history of Simcoe Day. Honest to goodness, it’s referred to as “Civic Holiday” by most of Ontario. That’s its actual name. From this, you can extrapolate how boring it was to listen to their coverage. YAWN.

If you’re looking at this and wondering why there are points at the beginning of the armholes, that’s because my gauge swatch was off from the beginning (despite hours and hours of swatching and re-swatching!) and I didn’t realize how seriously off it was until I’d knit 4 or 5 stripes. Seeing as I didn’t have anything else to do except listen to “John Graves Simcoe was the first lieutenant governor of Upper Canada” for the 15th time, I just kept knitting and hoped it would work out. A few days later I decided to accommodate by knitting a larger back section and have the seams shifted forward or backward a little bit. The seam shifts under the arm, which I’m calling a “design feature.” This may be a huge disaster, but it’s my first sweater, so I wasn’t really expecting it to work out anyway. I’m exploring! It’s an adventure.

Swatch potato

Friday, July 27th, 2007
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Here’s the swatch for my non-navy navy sweater.

Alpaca Swatch

(I apologize for the bad photos; my camera has a lousy flash and I was taking pictures in the basement with no light!)

The bottom section is double-stranded with size 7 needles. The middle stripe is single-stranded on size 7 needles; I abandoned it pretty quickly when I realized that it wouldn’t look as Habu-y as I thought. The top section is double-stranded again, with size 9 needles.

I think I like the bottom better. The top is about 11.5 stitches over 4 inches, and the bottom is 14 stitches. The Phildar pattern calls for 25 stitches, so I ripped back and continued the swatch with a single strand and size 5 needles. I’m not sure if I want to knit as tight a gauge as the pattern calls for, but I think I should consider single-stranded a little bit more. It’s alpaca, so I don’t want it to be too thick lest it kill me with warmth.

Here’s the update to the swatch:


My blocking pins are still in my apartment so I had to do with some sewing pins (I don’t know what they’re called) and I ran out of those. I had to find some substitutes; I am going to call this the most unnecessary “un-vention” ever.


Heehee, it looks like an alligator hand puppet is eating my towel. Man, I miss my blocking pins.

Bonus blocking photo: Here’s my shawl being blocked!


I planned to finish this shawl by Monday so I’d have a few days for it to block and dry. What did I actually do? I finished it by Monday and then forgot to block it until last night.

Memory: 1
Eve: 0

Know Your Cuts of Lamb

Thursday, July 26th, 2007
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I love this shirt!

Know Your Cuts of Lamb
(Photo by Ashley Shannon)

The t-shirts can be bought at this land-based store or over the phone, but I can’t find the distributor/producer of the tees for possible purchase online.

In knitting news, I’ve thrown together a swatch for my non-navy navy sweater, and I’m blocking it right now! Excitement!

I’ve whittled down the stripes to the following three, thanks to Carly (who should get a blog), Liz and April:

Sweater Stripes

If I had a sweater, I’d sweater in the morning

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
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Phildar Navy SweaterNow that my shawl is finished (tune in for an FO post), I’m “designing” a sweater. I’ve got a bunch of alpaca left over from my dad’s Rule 30 scarf, so I’m knitting a sweater with it. It’ll be entirely stockinette, very loose, very casual, and I’ll be knitting it at camp. Because I don’t know anything about sweaters, I’m taking the basic measurements from the Phildar 443 Tendances sweater from the navy section (cleverly titled 9 and 15) and making modifications if necessary. I have three grey shades of alpaca and a red splash for interest. Here’s how I’m figuring out how I’ll break up the stripes:

Charcoal grey: 87.5 g or 37% of the total mass
Dark grey: 87.5 g or 37% of the total mass
Light grey: 37.5 g or 16% of the total mass
Red: 25 g or 11% of the total mass
Total: 237.5 g

While I love integral calculus, I’d rather not have to do it at the moment so I’m removing the waist shaping for my area approximations:

9 stripes for 57 cm; 6 cm per stripe, starting from the bottom. Topmost stripe: 9 cm tall.

Stripe Body Arms 2(Body)+2(Arms)
1 297cm2 75cm2 744cm2
2 198cm2 141cm2 662cm2
3 231cm2 174cm2 810cm2
4 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
5 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
6 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
7 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
8 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2
9 264cm2 174cm2 1074cm2

Because I can’t go a day without writing a script while I could have been knitting, I wrote a little thing that takes the proportions of colours I have in the stash and my shirt measurements and picks out some possible stripe combinations. I’ve got 8 possibilities here; which do you think I should choose? I’m leaning towards number 8 or number 2, 4, or 7. Or one of the others.


The red stripe goes right above the boob. I’m also considering just putting some red on the cuffs and bottom as accents instead of a boob stripe. What do you think?