My, what big ears you have

Friday, March 27th, 2009
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This isn’t knitting-related but I thought you guys would totally like this.

School assignment to reinterpret the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood. Inspired by Röyksopp’s Remind me.

Slagsm̴lsklubben РSponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo. Via the ever-brilliant [BB-Blog].

The Art of Domesticity

Saturday, November 8th, 2008
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Here’s a little Saturday bonus.

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Via mettetations.

Patches En Regalia

Friday, October 10th, 2008
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Patches En Regalia

I’m making a hat. I’m naming it after [[Frank Zappa]]’s Peaches En Regalia because there are lots of different patches of pattern in it and because the improvisational wackiness is very jazzy, much like the song. Also, I just wanted to refer to Peaches En Regalia because it is possibly the greatest song ever written. Aside from this one, of course. You go ahead and watch those, I’ll wait.

On to the hat! I’m knitting it because I have catalogued about 50% of my yarn stash and there are over 30 different yarns already. I need to reduce the pile because it is embarrassingly enormous, so I want to knit some of the one-skeiners instead of slugging away at sweaters. I am also bored, and I hate knitting with cotton, and Bubble has gotten too big for my travel knitting bag. So I’ve cast on with a skein of Merino & Fur, which is a 70% merino, 30% possum blend. I KNOW!! POSSUM?! AWESOME. (That rhymed!)

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Mutton Bustin’

Friday, September 19th, 2008
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I just discovered the fine art of mutton bustin’. It is the most hilarious concept to ever grab onto (and then immediately fall off of) a state fair. I discovered it via the Puyallup Fair, via Penny Arcade.

And it’s sheep related, which means I’m allowed to post it here! Enjoy the wondrous hilarity of watching a bunch of kids hanging desperately from the backs of rodeo sheep.

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[kml_flashembed movie="" height="344" width="425" /]

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The State of Fairs*

Thursday, September 11th, 2008
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State Fair

Posie‘s post about her state fair has reminded me that it’s Fall Fair season! It also reminds me that I had plans to post something about this news a few weeks ago. I’ve cut out some parts of the article for quicker reading.

Crochet pulled from fair’s fabric [Ed’s note: LOL! Crochet! Fabric! Lollerskates!]

A local crochet club has its yarn in a knot after the Western Fair dumped this year’s home arts competitions — a fair mainstay for decades. And the club isn’t alone. The fair, which began as an agricultural exhibition, has cut or downgraded three other categories, including culinary arts, display contests and oversized vegetable challenges. Part of a shakeup designed to attract younger fair-goers, the changes don’t impress traditionalists like crocheters.

“The Western Fair is forgetting its roots and is becoming a costly amusement park,” said Patty Attkins of the Crochet Club of London. Attkins, president of the club, discovered home arts were cut when she couldn’t find the category for this year on the fair’s website. “I found out by chance and not by courtesy,” she said.

The home arts were cut in the spring after fair officials examined a three-year study of the number of competition entries, said Sharon Pook, expositions sales manager. The culinary arts, including jam and baking contests, and the women’s institutes display contests, were eliminated. Depending on public response, the fair could eventually bring back some of those categories.

The fair wants to attract people in their late teens to mid-30s — a group that doesn’t often go to the fair, Pook said. New video game categories, such as Wii Fit exercise competitions, might be added, along with a new “green” lifestyle section.

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A Special Presentation

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008
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This isn’t really knitting-related, but it is something I “crafted” myself. The Beau said he wanted to see a video that set cute puppies to gangsta rap, so I made one. Man, I missed making movies. This was really fun!

Warning: the video is rated C for cute, but the audio is closer to R. So NSFW if you want your speakers cranked (which you should be doing). Although “your ass will make you shit your meal” is a truthful description of the digestive process, your boss might not agree.

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Creatives grow better in the South West

Friday, June 20th, 2008
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Preparing for Mother’s Day

Friday, May 9th, 2008
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I wanted to do something really awesome for my Mom this year, because I always try so hard to do something nice but it never works out so I’m making up for a few years of failed Mother’s Days. Two years ago I spent hours and hours and piles of money on this mushroom tortiere for a Mother’s Day brunch and it ended up tasting like cardboard. Last year I had all these plans to make her breakfast in bed but when I came down at 7am she’d been up and puttering around for 2 hours already. So this year I am going to treat my Mom like a queen! My theme is going to be relaxation, because she has a lot of stress at work (she deals with kids with disabilities and stubborn parents can be a pain when they’re in denial) and it doesn’t help that we drive her crazy every day. Relaxation it is.

[kml_flashembed movie="" height="355" width="425" /]

I’ve been watching all these gift basket making videos and I think I have a handle on what I’m going to do. My mom is very “green” these days so I want everything to be usable (so no plastic wrapping or paper filling) and most of what goes in will be homemade. Instead of a basket, I’m going to buy a nice ceramic or wooden box at Ikea that she can use later to display some candles or a centerpiece or something. In order to pad it out (so my gifts won’t fall to the bottom out of sight), I think I might pick up a $5 blanket or towel there as well. Here’s what I’m going to put in my “basket”.

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Enough with the crafted music videos!

Friday, April 18th, 2008
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It seems like there is a new one every week. Whereas the last ones seemed to have at least some soul (like here and here), this new embroidered music video by Architecture in Helsinki doesn’t appear to have very much of anything.

Architecture in Helsinki feels like another one of those bands that sounds like your brother made it on a Casio in his basement in ’85 and someone picked it up and rerecorded it with slightly better production values and sold it to a distributor by saying “Napoleon Dynamite” a lot.

The embroidery itself is very nice, but they took a lot of shortcuts by just CGI-ing the motion so it doesn’t seem like there’s enough effort involved. That shouldn’t be my reaction, I know, but it is. There doesn’t seem to be a real concept here; it feels like it’s just embroidered to take advantage of the DYI aesthetic. The previous videos were real works of art; this video is just a bunch of spinning coconuts.

More proof Canada rules (another knitted music video)

Monday, February 11th, 2008
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[kml_flashembed movie="" height="373" width="425" /]

Les peaux de lièvres by Tricot Machine is populated by 700 frames of knitting. This would be a huge undertaking, even if most of it is duplicate stitch. Looks like it was really fun! The final effect is breathtaking, and the music is beautiful.