Finished Sweater Ornaments

Thursday, November 27th, 2008
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I thought I had published this FO report, but it turns out that WordPress ate it or something. So I’m publishing on their 11-month anniversary! Bon Anniversaire, ornaments!

Sweater Ornaments

Sweater Ornaments, started December 21st, 2007, finished December 27th, 2007
Pattern: Rough guideline to Sweater Ornaments from brooklyntweed.
Yarn: I think it was Bernat Satin Sport. It’s not bad in terms of sheen, but it is acrylic so it isn’t as flexible as a natural fibre.
Needles: 5mm circs
Modifications: I adapted the recipe for knitting flat because when I decided to start them I only had bigger circs on hand.
Would I knit it again? Yessirree! These are great gifts. I gave these to my aunt and uncle, whose initials are R and C, hence the letters. I also made a pair for my other aunt and uncle, but I forgot to take pictures before gifting them. I knit the base colour first, and then either duplicate-stitched the letters or embroidered them. It was really fun!

Sweater Ornaments

I got the hangers at Michael’s. They’re for doll clothes. Idunno about you, but when I had dolls (only one or two, but I still had ‘em), I kept the clothes rolled up in a ball. Once a clothes-baller, always a clothes-baller. These were about a dollar each.

Sweater Ornaments

Finished Cabled Baby Jacket (and mittens, and a little ornament)

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007
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Cabled Baby Jacket

Happy Christmas Eve, suckaz! I am finishing things like all get out.

Cabled Baby Jacket, started June 13th, 2007, finished December 21st, 2007
Pattern: Cabled Baby Jacket from Nursery Knits by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Higgins Tweed, sadly discontinued.
Needles: Size 4 circulars.
Modifications: None! The pattern was wonderful, perfectly clear and needed no improvements.
Would I knit it again? I love this little jacket so much. I would definitely knit it again for any future babies that spring from my womb, but I think I’ll stick to knits that require less seaming when I knit for other people’s babies. I don’t have much time for finishing, because I prefer to knit on the TTC instead of seaming and all my other time is taken up with school. I’m terrible with putting it off, so it takes me longer to finish a seamed object than a non-seamed object, which means there’s greater pressure and I constantly fret that the baby will get too big and the present will be ruined. Still, it came out fantastic and hopefully the parents will like it.

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Give me a D! D! Give me an R! R! Give me an A! A!

Thursday, December 14th, 2006
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Give me a G! G! Give me an O! O! Give me an N! N!

What does that spell?

Liz’s Christmas present, that’s what that spells.

The new Knitty has a dragon pattern, and I’m going to knit it. Sheldon is also really cute. :)

And now back to backpropagation, Kohonen networks and genetic algorithms. Just one more day, Eve… One more day.

Liz’s Dragons

Monday, November 13th, 2006
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Green DragonHere’s a nice big list of some dragon patterns I’ve found on the internet.

Knit Dragons

  • This seems to be the only knitted dragon, and I find it’s a bit too big. I may attempt some crochet instead, or make up something with some really fuzzy yarn.

Amigurumi Dragons

  • These three dragons here make me want to buy Kuschelterie häkeln by Beate Hilbig. I’m still on the lookout!
  • If I were more confident with crochet I would try making this dragon.

Inspiration (no actual patterns):